Just A Big Zero

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Try impregnating it between L & VE; and you have the most enchanting word ever; in this fathomlessly sprawling universe,

Try adding just a solitary digit to its rotund persona; and you have a numeral which exuberantly commences the chapter of mystically enigmatic numerology,

Try rolling it down the hills with a thoroughly jaded stick; and I am sure you would catapult back into memories of nostalgically impeccable childhood,

Try hurling it in free space; and it traversed magnificently like a majestic eagle; royally flirting in the air; before landing on the stupendously voluptuous carpet of
verdant grass,

Try embossing it after the last digit of your parsimonious check; and witness the impoverished account swell to dynamically kingly proportions,

Try slipping it over your countenance; and it
engulfs you for times immemorial; in its invincibly fascinating grip,

Try writing it infinite no. of times on a barren page; and you suddenly have the paper staring back at you; profusely pepped up with volatile life,

Try shouting it hysterically down the boundlessly deep gorge; and you inevitably feel a wave of tantalizing freshness; encapsulate your profoundly frazzled senses,

Try overwhelmingly concentrating at the face of a new born child; and you'll find its innocuously charismatic impression wandering in abundance,

Try compressing it just an inconspicuous trifle; and you'll get a line as straight as an arrow; ready to perpetuate infinite kilometers above the gorgeous clouds,

Try blowing a euphorically melodious whistle which stirred insurmountable chords of seduction in the morbid winds around; and you'll see it appear on the perfectly open contours of your lips,

Try placing it over every 1; and you'll find the integer simmer in unfathomable ardor; with poignant empathy radiating till times beyond eternity from its caricature,

Try molding countless rings of it in rampantly asymmetrical rows; and you'll soon evolve a delectable tunnel which; rekindles the passions of your diminishing soul,

Try glimpsing it on the time piece of the disastrously crude bomb; and you'll hardly have time to reminisce the glorious moments of your life; as the contraption blasted through walls of senility; propelling obnoxious smoke to curl up
menacingly towards the sky,

Try sketching it on a lackadaisically rustic bored face; and you'd naturally diffuse into spurts of uninhibited laughter; as the entity miraculously metamorphosed into a clown,

Try viewing the gargantuan Universe through it; and you'll find everything beautifully in focus; marvelously harmonious and synchronized like never before,

Try embodying it after every feasibly conceivable sentence; and believe me this infinitesimal dot; was enough to put an immortal end to it for decades unsurpassable,

Try embracing it at any juncture of your life; and you'll feel the wave of pretentious pompousness wholesomely disappear from your visage; realize your diminutive presence in front of the Almighty Lord,

And inspite of all this; if you still ridicule that the number I was talking about was just a big zero; then I irrefutably invite you to think again.

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