Just A Minute To Destruction

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



The tree took a  century to grow to unprecedented limits; blossoming into boundless branches and resplendent foliage,
And it took you just a minute to chop it to the ground; with barbaric strokes of your gleaming pickaxe.

The mountains took thousands of years to evolve; with their summits towering handsomely towards the sky; camouflaged in a heap of pristine snow,
And it took you just a minute to pulverize their blissful demeanor to flimsy ash; bombarding them ruthlessly with your hi-tech and contemporary bombs.

The colorful tribes trespassing on the planet took several decades to spawn; indulging into a myriad of festivity and sacrosanct beliefs,
And it took you just a minute to make them the most acrimonious of enemies; poisoning their minds against each other; with your deceiving and manipulative talk.

The tantalizingly salty waters of the ocean took centuries to form; harboring an ingratiating variety of fish and vivacious coral weeds,
And it took you just a minute to adulterate its entire visage; dropping abominable buckets of crude oil from the ship.

The atmosphere took infinite births to be created; kissing every part of the globe with its silken caress,
And it took you just a minute to pollute it indiscriminately; blowing obnoxious gases from your vehicle; at a full throttle.

The soil took millions of years to preserve wells of precious liquid; entrapping droplets of scintillating water deep within its core,
And it took you just a minute to savagely plunder its harmony; inserting your hydraulic and contemporary drilling equipment to empty it; till it cried.

The cow wandering timidly on the slopes took loads of agonizing time to fill the colossal buckets with itsmilk; each globule of white oozing having the fortitude to outclass the most ingenious of vitamins single handedly,
And it took you just a minute to blend it with cheap saliva; to augment its quantity; before you commercially sold it to unsuspecting customers.

The old men and women spent their entire lifetimes to incessantly  worship and revere their culture and heritage; sacrificed their heads to prevent even a single blemish from infiltrating into their land,
And it took you just a minute to ruthlessly transgress across them; satanically maraud their ideals; and embracing alien winds just because they suited your taste.

The World Trade Center took countless months to construct; sheltered thousands of individuals; some of the most innovative brains from all across the continent,
And it took you just a minute to squelch it to bellows of black dust; using your cowardly and diabolical mind to smash it with airplanes; having innocent people trapped inside.

It took more than times ever perceivable to harness the spirit of love; spreading it like wild fire into the heart of every human being walking on this soil;
every palpable entity gallivanting with a glimmer of hope in its eyes,
And it took you just a minute to completely destroy its mesmerizing essence; leaving it no scope at all to flourish with all your killings; war and hostility. 

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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