Just A Single

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Ghosts haunted even the most infinitesimal pore of my countenance;  metamorphosing every bit of righteousness enshrouding my soul; into a carcass of gruesomely unforgivable nothingness,

Wolves diabolically pounced upon me from every conceivable side; excoriating my sensitive flesh apart into a billion pieces; before eventually devouring me for nocturnal supper,

Eagles menacingly descended straight for the whites of my impeccable eye; gorily blinding even the most inconspicuous trace of my vision; for every birth that I was born once again,

Tigers indefatigably galloped after my penuriously diminutive form; sharing me as a sumptuously single bone of their hearty morning breakfast,

Bulls brutally gored their horns into my intricate belly; hideously extricating even the most mercurial iota of food that I had consumed since the very first cry of my birth; squelching me into mists of meaningless dust,

Earthquakes disastrously shattered even the most capricious trace of my existence; abhorrently annihilating my abode as well as the last bone down my; uncontrollably trembling spine,

Dinosaurs ruthlessly massacred even the most fleeting shadows of my holistic survival; treacherously tantalizing the base of their satanic palms; by indiscriminately wringing and crunching my neck,

Cyclones mercilessly swept me like a piece of frigidly unconsumed cake; whirling me to the highest point in the sky before horrifically smashing my nimble skull against the lecherously jagged rocks,

Jackals dug their preposterously corrugated claws into my silken chin; making me freeze like cubicles of insipid ice; even in the most brilliantly scintillating of compassionate sunlight,

Leeches intransigently clung to even the most obfuscated chunks of my flesh; parasitically suckling unfathomable oceans of macabre blood; even after I felt devoid of the last bit of my veritable pulp,

Spiders indefatigably spun webs of ghoulish malice in the hollows of my mouth; proliferating countless more of their kind in my immaculately melodious throat;
vengefully asphyxiating even the tiniest trace of my voice,
Scorpions merrily stabbed their cornucopia of venom on the periphery of my poignantly princely lips; infiltrating into my vacant nostrils in countless numbers; as the cry of torturously ultimate death,

Snakes viciously slithered on my bountiful scalp; unsparingly hissing the wails of salaciously derogatory hell; all over my limitlessly quavering body,

Psychopaths knived my robust Adams apple from time to time; releasing the unsurpassable reservoir of their insanely maniacal energy; upon the eclectically
innocuous elements of my visage,

Politicians ignominiously manipulated with the fabric of my harmonious survival; venomously bombarding my unwitting island of celestial peace; with their dictatorially unruly power,

Cockroaches played insidiously sinister games of hide and seek with my reflection; surreptitiously crawling with countless more their kind into the cavities of my eardrum; rendering me a bizarre insomniac for the remainder of my life,

Dogs jumped hungrily upon even the most invisible of my meals; not only gobbling the same but savagely pulverizing the bones in my sagacious form; before sharing it with their compatriot pigs,

Disease despicably strangulated every step that I euphorically advanced; cancerously plaguing each blissful aspect of my existence with unsurpassably deathly pain and malicious remorse,

Betrayal was the only mate I encountered as each night unfurled into the Omnisciently golden day; with every entity on this planet kicking and lambasting me with whips of unrelenting disdain,

And just a single caress of her divinely palms; just a single beat of her immortally passionate heart; just a single stare of her heavenly eyes; just a single tune of truth that magically drifted from her throat; was enough to not only make me irrefutably conquer all of the above; but metamorphosed me into the most pricelessly gifted molecule on the soil of her love.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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