Just A Single Beat -Part 2

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



It took an infinite droplets of frosty salt; to evolve the majestically fathomless ocean; ravishingly undulating with unfathomable cocoons of tantalizing waves,

It took an infinite specks of salubrious soil; to evolve the unsurpassably towering mountain; handsomely kissing the clouds with its profoundly  mesmerizing summits,

It took an infinite puffs of ebullient mist; to evolve the voluptuously crimson conglomerate of clouds; uninhibitedly pelting down cloudbursts of rhapsodically exuberant rain,

It took an infinite twigs of curled mysticism; to evolve the boundlessly enigmatic forests; regally harboring an indefatigable fleet of striped panthers and red ant; symbiotically alike,

It took an infinite blades of robust grass; to evolve the timelessly enchanting meadow; ingratiatingly blooming under golden rays of the; frolicking
afternoon Sun,

It took an infinite pinches of fortified cement; to evolve the incomprehensibly escalating spires of the marvelously magnificent edifice; pragmatically sequestering countless corporate offices in its colossal belly,
It took an infinite drops of profusely scarlet blood; to evolve the most indispensable nerve centers of the body; incessantly perpetuate the exhilarating elixir of vibrant life,

It took an infinite repertoire of dexterous variations; to evolve the miraculous mantra for irrefutably unconquerable success; perennially blazing forward
in uninhibitedly invincible glory,

It took an infinite brain cells; to evolve the most fabulously spell binding and intriguing innovations; possessing the vivacious piquancy to blissfully metamorphose the complexion of this mammoth planet,

It took an infinite threads of satiny silk; to evolve the fascinatingly titillating web; in which gloriously danced the charismatically vivid legs; of the pot-bellied tarantula,

It took an infinite rays of blistering light; to evolve the profusely fulminating island of the Sun; Omnisciently placating the traumatized agonies of one
and all alike; with its unassailable festoon of brilliant hope,

It took an infinite shades of impeccable compassion; to evolve the fountain of pricelessly sacrosanct milk; royally oozing the most impregnable panacea to
lead; inexplicably enthralling life,

It took an infinite sky of tumultuous spice; to evolve the endless field of euphorically green chili; inundating worthlessly lackadaisical lives; with the
reinvigorating expedition of existence,

It took an infinite entrenchment of surreptitious seduction; to evolve the inscrutably ardent shadows; sweeping like the princess of eternity; across every
beleaguered cranny of this gigantic Universe,

It took an infinite draughts of boisterously optimistic wind; to evolve the fabulously torrential maelstrom; encapsulating every drearily lugubrious
soul; in the magic of its insatiably redolent artistry,

It took an infinite compendium of incredulous solutions; to articulately crack the tyrannically penalizing maze; rhapsodically free all incarcerated innocent from; the aisles of horrifically unprecedented treachery,

It took an infinite elements of undefeatable righteousness; to evolve the most spectacularly aristocratic fireball of glorious truth; looming unconquerably large over every other thing; on this boundless planet,

It took an infinite balloons of replenishing breath; to evolve the most divinely chapter of beautiful life; mesmerizing one and all on this unending planet with
the spirit of; splendidly Omnipotent creation,

But believe me for it was not I; but the Almighty Lord who said; that it just took a single beat of the passionately palpitating heart to fall in immortal love; eternally embrace all living kind with the essence of equality and alike,

So what are you waiting for? Just open your hearts a trifle; and let all astounding beauty and heavenly love on this earth; be forever always be yours and mine.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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