Just A Single Beat.

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Just a single word you emanated from your divinely mouth; was enough for me to silence all ghastly terrorism on this planet; with winds of ubiquitous solidarity,
Just a single step you marched forward with your immaculately tinkling feet; was enough for me to reach each part of the globe where my comrades in
inexplicable pain; really needed me,

Just a single smile on your perpetually shimmering lips; was enough for me to magically disseminate the spirit of perennial brotherhood; to all quarters of
this gigantic Universe besieged with bizarre suffering and pain,

Just a single resolution of your innocuously uninhibited mind; was enough for me to unflinchingly win all acrimonious battles; stand as an invincible fortress; in the way invidiously devastating hatred and malice,

Just a single wink of your enigmatically angel eyes; was enough for me to pacify each tyrannically frazzled entity on this planet; with the winds of nostalgically
romantic flirtation,

Just a single effort of your majestically enamoring countenance; was enough for me to propagate the essence of true perseverance; blossoming into the most
wonderful fruits of existence; till far and wide,

Just a single dream of your panoramically fantastic mind; was enough for me to trigger those enshrouded with ludicrously gloomy darkness; to fantasize beyond
the land of mesmerizing paradise,

Just a single caress of your ravishingly voluptuous palms; was enough for me to incinerate flames of untamed passion; even in the heart of the frigidly soggy and saddened lake,

Just a single whisper diffusing from your tantalizing tongue; was enough for me to magnanimously flood the complexion of this lackadaisically drab planet; with
unending enchantment and delightful excitement,

Just a single yearning of your holistically vibrant soul; was enough for me to impregnate countless disparagingly staggering lives; with rays of new found
optimism and enthralling hope,

Just a single ingredient of your poignantly scarlet blood; was enough for me to infiltrate through the irrevocably pathetic wall of discrimination; unite all
those with a philanthropic heart; in the religion of humanity,

Just a single stare of your bountifully emphatic eyes; was enough for me to rise with formidable conviction; resiliently face the most disastrously lecherous
battles of undulating life,

Just a single snore that languidly crept from your symbiotic throat; was enough for me to teach all overwhelmingly overworked corporate tycoons; the art of serene relaxation; which was infact the greatest virtue in today's insurmountably manipulative times,

Just a single tear that dribbled intricately down your rubicund cheeks; was enough for me to diffuse the power of blissful empathy; to all those souls who had devastatingly become dumb to all aspects of poignant humankind,

Just a single stroke that you sketched on handsome paper; was enough for me to inundate this monotonously drab planet; with incredulously gorgeous charm; and
the unconquerable magic of artistry,

Just a single orphan you hoisted on your philanthropic shoulders; was enough for me to wholeheartedly embrace my fellow compatriots in shivering agony; celestially
melange with all caste; creed; and tribes; alike,

Just a single trace of righteousness in your sacrosanct conscience; was enough for me to indefatigably ring the bells of victory; ensure that even the most diminutive bit of condemnable corruption was replaced by irrefutable honesty,

Just a single breath that descended down piquantly from your nostrils; was enough for me to live for a boundless more lifetimes; replenish and bask in the
glory of each moment of wonderfully bestowed life,

And just a single beat that fulminated euphorically from your immortal heart; was enough for me to bond each viciously shattered soul with the other; see to
it that everlasting love prevailed on each cranny of this earth; each time God wanted it to be born again.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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