Just Because -Part 2

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Just because you dastardly shut your malicious eyes; doesn't mean that the entire of gargantuan earth outside; also submerged itself into a pool of languidly morose and treacherously stuttering blackness,

Just because you abhorrently shut your cowardly lips; doesn't mean that the entire of colossal earth outside; also besieged itself with tornados of inexplicably whipping misery,

Just because you vindictively froze priceless blood in your parasitic veins; doesn't mean that the entire of fathomless earth outside; also coldbloodedly marauded
even the most infinitesimal trace of ecstatic triumph in the royal atmosphere,

Just because you satanically relinquished to fabulously dream; doesn't mean that the entire of vivacious earth outside; also heartlessly trampled the essence of bountifully ebullient creation,

Just because you baselessly exonerated all your ardently sensuous urges; doesn't mean that the entire of boundless earth outside; also frigidly hung itself upside down; like a grotesquely impotent lynchpin,

Just because you horrendously emaciated your forlorn stomach; doesn't mean that the entire of unassailable earth outside; also starved beyond the realms of decrepit rebuke; worthlessly slandering panoramic imagery into cadaverous graveyards of castrated grime,

Just because you tawdrily abrogated your quintessential job; doesn't mean that the entire of mesmerizing earth outside; also dolorously stagnated in maelstroms of truculently prejudiced unemployment,  

Just because you ruthlessly kicked every benign goodness with your insanely bohemian feet; doesn't mean that the entire of unsurpassable earth outside;
also nonchalantly rotted in obnoxiously stinking gallows of bizarre dilapidation,

Just because you viciously strangulated the venomous chords of your throat; doesn't mean that the entire of iridescent earth outside; also became preposterously oblivious to the timelessly ingratiating enchantment of mellifluous sound,

Just because you sadistically sodomized every pore of your staggering visage with snake hoods of lethal despair; doesn't mean that the entire of fructifying earth outside; also wandered like a wastrel lunatic towards disparagingly penalizing depravation,

Just because you torturously crucified nails into your flaccidly pallid skin; doesn't mean that the entire of eclectic earth outside; also hedonistically metamorphosed every element of its perpetually gratifying bliss into gutters of diabolically self
inflicted pain,

Just because you devastatingly torched your reproductive abilities with daggerheads of ghastly illwill; doesn't mean that the entire of silken earth outside; also put an abysmally feckless end to its chapter of perennially heavenly proliferation,

Just because you impudently slapped your sacrosanct mother; doesn't mean that the entire of rhapsodic earth outside; also luridly sold every iota of its sacrosanct rudiments; in exchange for a measly cascade of sanctimonious silver,

Just because you bawdily tonsured your ghoulishly disappearing scalp; doesn't mean that the entire of triumphant earth outside; also mercilessly assassinated every flower of godly truth with unrelentingly senseless whiplashes of criminal lies,

Just because you morbidly extricated your own fanatically aimless brain; doesn't mean that the entire of blooming earth outside; also tyrannically snapped the fangs of its exhilaratingly enthralling and victorious evolution,

Just because you dementedly slaved the uncontrollably shivering; doesn't mean that the entire of righteous earth outside; also flagrantly divided symbiotically coalescing mankind into spuriously sleazy barricades of; religion; caste; creed and tribe,

Just because you barbarously stifled even the most fugitive iota of your delinquently gratuitous breath; doesn't mean that the entire of impregnable earth outside; also salaciously abnegated forever; the winds of perpetually bestowing life,

And just because you violently stopped the murderously castigating beating in your heart; doesn't mean that the entire of immortal earth outside; also abandoned the spirit of unshakable love for the dogs; pulverizing dinosaurs and ambiguous devils; to
growlingly eat.

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