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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018




Pain taints my heart,

I can’t sleep,

My brain wondering who she may be in bed with,

My heart is in pain,

Yet, I silence it’s sobs with this confident face,

What if she was my chance to make it?

She somehow was the solution to all my problems,

Even though I told her she was the problem,

I tell her I loved her until it broke me,

But in reality my heart bleeds with love,

I cannot be without her,

Even if she isn’t here,

Her very essence is stained into my heart,

And she lives within my head,

I cannot think without finding her,

She is always here,

Though never here,

It’s killing me,

I hold onto our dreams,

And hope one day we can try again,

Because what if she was the one?

I lose everything good,

Not because it leaves me,

But because I shoot myself in the foot,

When I have something good to fight for,

I cannot soldier on,

Even if it’s for myself,

She will always be part of me,

Because I’m still hers.

© Copyright 2018 Catori Foster. All rights reserved.

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