Just Marrying Her

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Just touching her skin; doesn't mean that you were brutally forcing her,

Just winking at her doesn't mean; that you were perpetually proposing her,

Just playing with her voluptuous hair; doesn't mean that you compassionately cared about her,

Just staring into her rubicund eyes; doesn't mean that you understood every iota of her pain,

Just sitting beside her enchanting grace; doesn't mean that you audaciously shouldered all her miseries in life,

Just tightly clasping her dainty palms; doesn't mean that you understood what she actually desired from life,

Just mischievously pinching her skin; doesn't mean that you were making her feel like an immaculate child,

Just taking her out in your swanky car; doesn't mean that you were pacifying every need of her existence,

Just inscribing her name with a knife on your chest; doesn't mean you were more passionate about her; than the angels in the sky,

Just uttering her name umpteenth number of times in a minute; doesn't mean that you made her every dream manifest into a reality,

Just traversing behind her like a shadow; doesn't mean that you could read what was incessantly going on in her heavenly mind,

Just philandering with her on the romantic mountains; doesn't mean that you were the greatest lover born on this earth,

Just gifting her with some conventionally sleek contraptions; doesn't mean that you had veritably stolen her heart forever,

Just pacing around her seductive countenance; engulfed by a river of nervous sweat; doesn't mean that you could wholesomely commiserate with her proliferating sorrow,

Just wishing her the earliest on her birthday; doesn't mean that you topped her list of boundless admirers,
Just wholesomely applauding her melodiously captivating voice; doesn't mean that you comprehended the agony besieging her soul,

Just frequenting her dwelling insurmountable number of times in the day; doesn't mean that you were the closest to her; till the time she breathed,

Just emulating her every impeccable action; doesn't mean that you were her greatest connoisseur,

And just marrying her in the most grandiloquent fashion on this earth; doesn't mean that you really loved her; had made her yours for times even beyond; what you could contemplate.

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