Just Me And My Creator

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Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



No ornaments of gold needed; to embellish my body,

No chunks of land needed; for me to tread blissfully on this earth,

No flames of fire needed; to warm me and illuminate my night,

No streams of water needed; to wash myself and rejuvenate my senses to the pinnacle of ecstasy,

No island of Sun needed; to impart warmth to my life,

No strawberry sweets needed; to placate my dying taste buds,

No rainbow in the sky needed; to vivaciously glimmering my eyes,

No sparkling slabs of glass needed; in which I could sight my reflection,

No salt needed; to add pinches of exotic taste to my food,

No grandiloquent watch needed; to accurately apprise me of every second unleashing,

No enchanting music needed; to pacify my agitated senses,

No tantalizing dance needed; to wake me up from dreary sleep,

No gaudy clothes needed; to sequester me from bizarre cold,

No morsels of rice and curd needed to appease my insatiable hunger,

No spurious armory of smiles needed; to unrelentingly shower upon me droplets of pure rain,

No tears of empathy needed; to sympathize with me in my times of affliction and distress,
No books of literature needed to; enrich my knowledge about the historical times,

No cherries and wine needed; to entertain me beyond the point of no control,

No draughts of cool air needed; to wipe of the sweat trickling down my nape,

No bundles of currency needed; to execute all my desires to lavishly spend,
No bombastic attention needed; to escalate me to the corridors of supreme fame,

No cushions of grass needed; to shield my feet from a ground laid with acerbic thorns,

No blood needed; to circulate in my body granting me the tenacity to gush forward,

No ideals needed; to chisel a new and philosophical chapter in life,

No lights needed; to guide me ahead after stringently breaking through the darkness of the gruesome night,

No palaces needed; to serve me oligarchic cuisine; with the triangular crown placed fancily on my head,

No bones needed; to fortify my body; grant me the resilience to fight against the uncouth society,

No garlands needed; to felicitate me sanctimoniously; loud speakers announcing my presence in every road and street,

No dreams needed; to tingle the chords of rampant imagination; place me in a paradise of lost fairies,

No love needed; to maneuver me into a world of passionate romance; ignite unburned desires of my soul,

No breath needed; to peacefully meditate; carry on the chapter of harmonious existence,  

just me and my CREATOR; staring profoundly at each Other; with my head knelt in meek submission in His lap; and the omnipotent power in His palms; besieging my heart with perennial happiness; putting me to an eternal sleep; with the world failing miserably this time to disturb me.

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