Capital Punishment

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This is a very controversial poem. This poem was supposed to have been submitted under Nurse’s Week, to celebrate the Nurses who provide care within the Criminal Justice System Infirmaries.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018




Death Row

Humans waiting for repels, retrials, residents kept in a long corridor, leading to a black forgotten hole

Time to repent, forgive, yet, living on borrowed time for their soul

This is the most sensitive poem I’ve ever wrote

The topic alone brings a lump to my throat

The words They Should Not Kill

Immoral choices in one’s life, does Capital Punishment fit a Life or Death bill

Taking one’s breath away bringing their existence to an involuntary stand still

Sealing the presence of their fate

For some, this is such a controversial debate

But wait


I have to go on record, not meaning to strike a cord

You live by the sword you die by the sword

You are there on your own accord

Three square meals given, plus room and board

For crimes of nature, justice has deemed your presence to be hidden, completely ignored

Never to be restored

A topic for me to thoroughly explore

This narrative comes down to two sides, you decide

I’ll just provide the scenarios, not the whys

The parent writing the letters, and the parent whose tears fill her eyes

Most people would say, life without parole should be enough for a person who has misbehaved


Spare their life, surely they can be saved

Nine months of life she birthed and gave

Kneeling in remembrance as she now lays flowers on a young grave

For a thug with a gun on the run

Priors, juvenile detention centers, incarcerated at a young age

Read from off a lengthily docket page


 In court, the Defense hollers a plea

No, a mother emotional outburst drops her to her knees

He snatched my child’s fun, who was playing on the porch in the warm summer sun

Sentence him to death

For all the nights I held my son’s pillow and wept

Your Honor, my son is a good man

Yes, he has made many mistakes, and yes this crime he has been accused of, I understand

I raised him the best I can

To place him on death role is so unfair

It is a mother’s worst despair, an endless nightmare

A grieving mother has no rights

Heaven have given my son his angelic sights


Your son should be punished to the fullest extent of the law, and then sentenced to die

I will never wish death of a child to any parent, no lie

But my son is now confined to the sky

You son still breathes

My son is in a grave, who I shall never see

I feel your pain, I really do

However, take an exception too


Two women both in pain

Who would you blame

Death over Life

Both parents living with daily strife

Tears from the grave Tears glimpsed behind bars

Resolutions for both sides, close but no cigars, by far

One parent wishing on a star for her nightmare to have a worthless life end

One parent wishing for repeals, new evidence to finally kick in

If you were in this situation, how would you see this

My opinions, are private, I have to be bias and dismiss

My answer deemed amiss

It’s a preconception topic on my wish list

As you ponder this poem

No judgments in vain, so keep your thoughts warm

Some issues in life I just refuse to say

However, if some have walked in these shoes, most will say, hell you have to pay

Needle to veins you are hoping for, as a preacher forgives sins as he prays


Yeah thou I walk through the valley of the shadow of death

Criteria for a new trial has been met

DNA does not match the accuser of the crime

Time taken away, expense of the taxpayers’ dime

Tears of joy

Tears of grief for a mama’s baby boy

No side wins

Therefore, keep your nose clean and do not succumb to any sin


Poem taken from The Flow Of My Heart To You III


© Copyright 2019 Kemy2U. All rights reserved.

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