Hullabaloo22's Amazon Book Reviews Vol 2.

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The second volume of book reviews all available on Amazon. Some from Booksie members, some not.

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Subtle And Not-So-Subtle Humor In A Sci-Fi Adventure

Submitted: May 15, 2018

'Grayson And The Astronauts' written by Lucas Barstow.
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Non-Stop Action In An Apocalyptic World

Submitted: May 18, 2018

All That Remains written by Al Barrera.
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A Great Way To Spend A Spare Moment

Submitted: May 20, 2018

Moments To Spare written by C. A. Sechler.
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Superstitions Run Rampant In A Rural Retreat

Submitted: May 26, 2018

The Retreat written by Mark Edwards.
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An Electrifying Read

Submitted: June 04, 2018

Above The Hush written by Jacqueline Druga.
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Little Bits Of Horror

Submitted: June 11, 2018

Midnight Matinee written by C. A. Sechler
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A Promise Of Better Life Leads To Nightmare

Submitted: July 01, 2018

U.G.L.Y. written by H. A. Rhodes.
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A Classically Creepy Horror Story

Submitted: July 15, 2018

The Owlmen written by S. E. England.
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Can Anything Be Salvaged From The Wreckage?

Submitted: July 25, 2018

An Unknown Woman written by Jane Davis
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A Good Mixture Of Horror Tales

Submitted: July 27, 2018

Regina Puckett's Short Tales Of Horror.
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A New Neighbour, A New Friend?

Submitted: August 05, 2018

The Friend written by Teresa Driscoll.
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Can Society Ever Recover?

Submitted: August 10, 2018

The Long Trek Home written by B. Douglas Slack.
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A Powerful And Emotionally Charged Read

Submitted: August 17, 2018

Rebecca written by Adam J. Nicolai.
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Couldn’t Have Happened To A More Deserving Bunch.

Submitted: August 25, 2018

The Harvest written by Scott Nicholson
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All Too Believable

Submitted: August 30, 2018

Today written by Adam Webber
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An Emotional Roller-Coaster Ride

Submitted: September 22, 2018

Noir: Confessions From Lisbeth written by Lisbeth Castillo
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A Chance For Redemption?

Submitted: October 06, 2018

Me Was Da Bad Guy: The Lightfield Files 2. written by Donald Harry Roberts.
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Confectionary Chaos

Submitted: November 19, 2018

Bad Candy 2: Baking Badly written by India Emerald.
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