if tomorrow never came

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This is a poem my 3rd grade cousin wrote for a girl at school who was being bullied it touched me so much I wanted to put it up for her

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



If tomorrow never came what would you do

would you do nothing

or something

or everything


if you knew you'd die  tomorrow

would you spend what little time you have

loving with your family

would you spend it with your friends

or making up with enemies


if you knew your best friend would die tomorrow

would mourn and grieve

would you live it up now

or sit and watch from afar


If you knew your family would die tomorrow

Would you everything to make it stop

Would you wait in fear

Would you act as though it’s not true


If a kid you bully died tomorrow

Out of the blue

No one knew this is what would happen

All because they were sick of you

Would you pretend you cared

Or feel guilty


 extra note by PippyGirl

"Bullys nowadays pretend after the person is gone they did nothing but

The truth is this is what hurts people what drives me nuts."


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