Not a Good Time

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What might happen if a thief of today was sent to the future.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Steven Miles Dunbar, Steve for short, was a bad boy. And his parents didn't help matters any.

His Daddy was in jail most of the time, generally for drug arrests. If his Old-Man wasn't selling them then he'd get caught abusing them.

Steve had a mother who preferred to take other people's hard earned money rather than work for her own. Apparently she was good at the cons she used on people because she had only been convicted once. Her lawyer used her "Mother needed at home with the children" status so she wouldn't have to serve jail time.

Now Steven, aka Reno, aka Blade, aka Nose, was very found of armed robbery. But when an associate of Steve"s stuck up a convenience store and killed the clerk, things changed in Steve's mind. Especially after the associate was given the death sentence.

After that Steve started burglarizing places, mostly small businesses where no-one was around.

He got pretty good at it and didn't worry about security camera at all. Steve had read a few books on disguises and had made up some of his own; there was the OLD MAN with mustache, the OLD MAN with glasses, the red headed woman, the fat woman, the fat man, and several beards and hats. He never looked like the same person very often.

Location changes were a must. He liked to hit strip malls and small shopping districts where they close by midnight and have multiple exits. And he only hit places where the security was shop owner paid for; they seldom go high tech.

Once he picked out a business, a disguises was dawned and he was in and out within 12 minutes, less if there was no safe to open.

On one such night Steve saw that a new business had opened, it was in a small business district and easily accessible.

He figured that they had something of real value in there because they had a lot of security cameras all over the building.

So there was only one thing to do if he was going to find out for sure, he would have to "Case the Joint", "Have a Look-See", "Size Up The Situation", as they say in the very old Cops and Robbers movies.

Well there just happened to be a restaurant right across the boulevard, a perfect place to sip on a coffee and watch what came in and out of the targeted building.

The very first day Steve discovered that some employees of the business ate lunch at the restaurant; and they seemed to be loose with the lips, if you know what I mean.

Steve heard phrases like platinum coated transponders, gold-plated conductors, diamond manipulated surfaces, lazer grade ruby beam multipliers; the list went on and on.

Steve was really surprised, and he said to himself,  "Why isn't there an army guarding that building."

This Job would take a lot of planing so Steve slept in his car so he could watch the place at all hours.

Steve spray painted one of the camera lenses to see how quickly security came to look at it; they never did. So he sprayed another and still no response. After the third lens was sprayed and no-one came to check it out, Steve came to the conclusion that they were all dummy cameras, or no-one was monitoring them daily. And to Steve's way of thinking this was an invitation.


Saturday night at 11:00 p.m.

Steve made his was into the building, it was even easier than he expected; a hand-held torch, a claw-hammer, and a crowbar did the trick.

But when he got inside he didn't find anything of any real value, you know, stuff he could sell on the street or hock.

There was all sorts of computers, storage racks and walls filled with them. But that wasn't going to do Steve much good, they were traceable, bulky, and too heavy to carry more than two at a time. Besides, he had a sports car; the girls like that.

There was another machine too, Steve had never seen anything like it before.

It looked like a stage platform, really big, and there were stairs leading up to the top.

On the top surface there was what looked like a control panel with a circular tube next to the controls. The tube would easily fit a person inside, so Steve reasoned, and it was half opened on the panel side.

In the semi-darkness Steve, and his trusty Mag-lite, made their way up the stairs and to the panel; curiosity had taken over Steve's good sense, what little he had.

Once at the controls Steve pressed this button, then that button, and pulled a lever, here and there.

All of a sudden the room filled with light and motor sounds were everywhere! Steve panicked as some computer generated voices began giving warnings and counting-down a number sequence. With nowhere to hide, and feeling explosive danger was on him, Steve ran into the protective cover of the tube; the tube quickly closed.


"That is really weird," Steve thought as he looked around, "I can't see out of this clear tube?"

The sounds of spinning motors and the computer generated voices he could hear, but he couldn't see a thing outside the tube.

The lack of sight was a good thing for Steve, because at the instant the computer generated voice said "Zero" a blinding light flashed.

After the flash the tube opened again. And after the tube opened all the motor sounds began winding down. The room went completely silent once the motors stopped.

The only thing clearly visible was Steve's Mag-lite, but Steve was nowhere to be seen.


It is 3,000 years in the future, but Steve doesn't know it, yet. He is in pretty much in the same spot that he was in when he heard the computer generated voice say "Zero", but he doesn't know that either.

All Steve knows is that everything around him looks very, very, futuristic and he has no idea how he got to wherever in hell he was.

He knows something else too, he is hungry and thirsty and he has almost no money in his pockets.

But all is not lost, Steve has his gun and there is a man that has just rounded the corner of the building that Steve is standing in front of.

"All right, Buddy, give me your money!" Steve said to the man as he pulled the gun from his pocket.

"Oh how fun, a Mugging!" The man stated. "I am so totally unprepared for this and I didn't receive any briefing on a robbery; I'll just have to wing it. OK?"

Then the man stated, "I don't have any money, but I do have my Debit Scanning Band."

Steve look surprised and asked, "What the hell is a Debit Scanning Band?"

"You don't know?" The man inquired while looking very perplexed.

Then the man questioned Steve, "How did you get access to this planet without one? I'd better notify security about you."

Two shots rang out!

Out of confusion, and frustration, Steve had shot the man twice in the chest.

But the man didn't fall down, he didn't bleed, and he had no signs of injury. He just stood there looking at Steve, then he said, "OMG, where did you get that? It that a Real Gun?

I have only seen one of those in my entire lifetime. It was at a 3-D hologram projection demonstration. But I'm seeing a real one, now! Right?"

"Shut the hell up!" Steve yelled as he tried to hit the man with the gun.

Big surprise, again! The gun, his hand, and part of his arm just passed right through the guy.

The man looked disturbed by this and pulled three times on his right earlobe.

Suddenly the man disappeared and a woman appeared out of nowhere; she looked fuzzy at first but soon became very lifelike.

The woman stated, "Sir, state your DSB sequence numbers, please." 

Steve was now mentally worn out and his normal temper was all but gone, so he stated, "I don't know what a DSB, whatever you called it, is."

The woman's voice said, "Please step forward and wait for a facial identification scan."

Steve reluctantly replied, "My name is Steven Miles Dunbar and I doubt that you will have my face on file."

"Steven Miles Dunbar, you have created a security breech and for your own safety you must vacate this planet immediately," The woman stated.

Steve then asked, "Is this Earth?"

The woman replied, "Yes, but in 4,076 it became a game planet and all humans were relocated. Now it is called GP-3."

Steve looked as if he was going to pass-out, then he questioned, "Are you kidding me, 4,076? What year is it now?"

The woman replied, 5,989. Why would you ask?"

Steve replied by saying, "Because less than an hour ago I was living in the year 2018, and on the planet Earth.

I would be happy to vacate if I knew how to get back to where I came from."

"Time travel is within my abilities, state year, month, day, and time that you want to return to. Is this location suitable?"

Steve was so happy to hear that he was returning home and soon enough he was on his way back to his own time.

However, Steve's timing was off just a tad and the police were waiting for him when he arrived.

Oh well, six to ten years in a Federal prison beats living alone in a place where there is nothing to steal. After all, how would a guy make a living in a place like that?



D. Thurmond / JEF


© Copyright 2019 D. Thurmond, aka, JEF. All rights reserved.

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