Earth's Problem Poem

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This poem is about a serious problem that is happing right now. Help now for Earth day if you ever feel like it.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018




Earth's Problem Poem

A Poem by: Cameron Schuster



Everyday I look at the cosmos.

I am told by many of you I must forgive.

For all the horrible things we did to Earth.

The voyage is closed and done.

So why do we not continue to explore.

They will sing sad melodies.

For what’s yet to come.

One day they disappear.

And then they become forgotten.

By sheer coincidence.

We know about it’s effect.

Roaring in terror.

We can almost feel the people’s agony.

I want to to be with the people who submerge.

The people that know about our problem.

For a long,long time.

We won’t know what’s out there.

From land-to-land.

We all think that we prosper.

But the world wonder’d.

Will our planet’s problems change.

© Copyright 2019 Cameron S.. All rights reserved.

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