Let it be...Of a Dead Hollow

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The second of eight.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Let it be.... Of a dead hollow 


Finished: 6 - 22 - 16 2:24 pm


In this one I am walking

Along this crippled stone trail

Often times I'm here stalking 

Breathing and feeling as the air gets stale


The trail stops beyond the drunken forest's end

I've been there times before in thick fog

Betwixt the careening trunks lies a dead log

It's mossy bark has grown soggy and soft

It's insides have rotted and been blown in the dust

Once a home to finches and sparrows 

Now wastes as a vultures' loft


I sit inside and glare into the brume 

I inhale the air of rusting leaves

I breath the aroma of wilted petals


Nubilous water beads gather upon my flesh 

They roll down my face and fingers

They fall against the patchy earth and die


Termites naw and strip away the bark

A trillion tiny fangs pierce my ears

I silently listen whilethey chew away 

As I reflect on my hopes and fears 


A final crunch shall send me over the cliff 

The log falls and shatters onto a boulder 

My bruised and battered leg grew stiff

The force so strong it ruptured my shoulder 


The fog is stained red as I lie bleeding 

But I do not fear for my life

Nor do I cry or start pleading 

I just close my eyes and open them again 

Thus ending the night's struggle and strife


 Farewell Dead Hollow 

Never to see the day nor light

Wait there for me in the thickened gloom

I shall visit on some other night 

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