Let it be... In a Lightless Immure (Fear of Silence)

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The final poem of this series.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Let it be...In a Lightless Immure (Fear of Silence)

Started: 11-14-16 12:51 pm

Finished: 1 - 28 - 17 1:00 pm


The glass shattered upon the cold onyx floor


Body and bone benumbed as stone

Staggering to my feet 

I stand in darkness 

There is only silence 


There are all directions 

Separated only in my mind 

Above me hangs a starless sky

I travel left cold and alone


There is a constant feeling 

To know exactly where

And yet still be lost

To understand everything 

And stand in clueless darkness 


I am walking but cannot see the ground

Between walls I cannot touch 

The sounds of my memories 

Evaporate into the black null


It makes perfect nonsense 

Lost in its endless darkness 

I know exactly where I am 

Since I understand it clearly 


But suddenly I lose scene

There is nothing here

No time, no reality 


Not touch and no texture 

And I felt that sinking feeling 

As if my heart fell into it

My solitary heartbeat was lost


I started after it

It moved further away

I charged in pursuit

Chasing the beat


But it was unattainable 

I finally collapsed on the stone 

I felt myself growing still

Losing all consciousness 


The final sound 

The last beat of my lost heart

All the infliction of the nightmares past told

All the pain and delusion had finally taken hold


The last thing is saw

The last thing I felt

I slipped into to the lightless immure

Ever so silent and ever so cold

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