Kate Sterling and the green amulet

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Kate Sterling was anything but average. If it wasn't lengthy height, her good grades alienated her from kids her own age.

When Kate discovers a menacing secret about the town, it's up to her to save the kids of Irrelevant,Illinois.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Kate Sterling was anything but average. She was 2 feet taller then every kid in her class. And above all else, she's only 13.

She hadn't lived in the small town of Irrelevant, Illinois for long, but she was ready to leave. It took no time to catch the eye of the volleyball varsity coach.
Kate never had any interest in sports. But being the new kid in town, she figured it would be a good way to blend in. Although her height still made her stand out.
"Watch out lurch!" a boy says, after being knocked to the ground by Kate in the hallway.
"So-sorry." Kate stuttered, reaching down to help the boy.
The boy pushed her hand aside as he gathered his things and stood up. 
Kate looked around in fear. Everyone was staring. Whispering to each other, laughing and pointing. Kate was embarrassed. She scooted past a few kids laughing at her expense. She ran to the library. A place she knew she could be alone. A place no one would bother her.
The bell rung and school was out. Kate still wasn't comfortable going home. Fear of more kids uttering hurtful words under their breath. Or worse, laughing at her.
Kate kept her head low, face down in a magazine. A book slams down in front of her. She jumps back in her seat. Ms Pampet the school librarian stares at Kate with a very judgmental frown. Ms Pampet always wore clothes that looked like she just arrived from the 1950's. Her glasses were big, perfectly shaped around her eyes with sharp tips on the end. 
"Staying late Ms. Sterling?" Ms. Pampet said, scouring at her.
"Uh--yeah I'm just.." Kate stuttered to say.
"Just reading the latest on Justin Feber?" Ms Pampet said, adjusting her glasses without breaking eye contact.
"No I uh...just wanted to stay a little longer." Kate frightenly replied. She gave Ms Pampet a nervous smile.  Ms Pampet just stared for a moment longer, then picked up the book and left.
Kate lost track of time when she looked up and noticed she was alone. She checked her watch.
"Oh no. Mom and dad are gonna kill me." She shouted, grabbing her backpack and hastily heading towards the front door.
As she got closer, a green light reflecting in the glass window caught Kate's attention. She turned to see what it was. It seemed to be coming from the second story. 
Kate was curious. Part of her knew her parents would be furious about how late it was. The other part of her just had to know where that bright light was coming from.
Kate tip toed up the stairs. Looking around anxiously but didn't see the light this time. She paced down the aisles, still no gleam of light. Kate felt lost. She knew she saw something in the window. But where did it go?
Suddenly the light pierced through the aisles. Kate ran around the corner to see where it was coming from.
She ran into the railing of the stairs so hard nearly scaling over it. The light beckoned from the lobby. 
Kate followed the green glow all the way down to the basement. A very faint voice echoed the dark and dank halls. The tone was soft,inviting to the ears and welcoming of the heart. Like a grandma inviting you in to eat some fresh baked cookies. Kate felt herself naturally drawn to it. It was at this moment, she wasn't even in control of her own body. 
Kate was approaching this room hidden in a dark corner of the basement. It appeared to be an old classroom but turned into some sort of janitor's closet. 
"Okay children, it's time to study!" the soft yet ominous voice instructed. 
That voice rang familiar to Kate's ears. But who was it?
"If you don't study, you'll fail in life. Fail! Fail! Fail!" the voice demanded angrily,whipping down a ruler on the desk tops.
It was Ms. Pampet. The grouchy old librarian. She was different this time. She wore a long black robe. 
The blinding green light was coming from some sort of amulet around her neck. Kate pressed closely to the wall, moving careful and sly like a snake. Kate hid behind a doorway to stay out of sight. There were children sitting at dusty old desks, writing rapidly like they were programmed robots over and over on a single piece of lined paper. 
Kate peered in to get a better look. She didn't recognize the children. A few of them looked as though they were from a different time. But one stood out to her. Sophie. The young girl who had been missing for weeks.
Kate knew she had to do something, but what?
"What are the three A's?" Ms. Pampet sternly asked, gently slapping the ruler repeatedly in the palm of her hand.
"Absorb. Achieve and accomplish!" the children repeated like mindless zombies.
Kate hid around the corner, burrowing through her backpack, searching for something to use. There was nothing that she could defend herself with. 
A light bulb went off. Kate had forgotten she packed a slingshot in the side pocket. As she had returned the weekend before from camping with her family and needed it in-case some vermin tried to make their way into the campsite.
Kate moved along the wall carefully, peering in again to the room. This time Ms Pampet was no where in obvious sight. Kate's heart raced. She took a deep breathe and quickly but carefully dashed into the room after making sure the coast was clear.
Kate started to shake each and every one of the children, calling to them.
"Hey guys! Guys! Wake up!" Kate attempted to get their attention, snapping her fingers.
The children were non responsive. Kate was frustrated but scared. She didn't know how long she had before Ms Pampet would return. Kate ran over to Sophie.
"Hey hey! Sophie right?!" Kate whispered urgently to her. "You have to snap out of it!"
Sophie stopped writing. She slowly made eye contact with Kate. There was no life in Sophie's eyes. She never blinked. 
"I must absorb! I must achieve! I must accomplish!" is what Sophie repeated to Kate, as if she was a puppet.
Kate grabbed Sophie by the shoulders and began to shake her. "Snap out of it! Snap out of it!"
"Take a seat." Ms Pampet instructed, entering the room out of the deep shadows of the hallway.
Kate shrieked. She was too scared to move. There was something about Pampet's voice. Kate was powerless against it. She felt trapped in her own body. Having front row seats, watching herself slowly being taken over with no control.
Ms Pampet now had both hands on each side of Kate's shoulders, guiding her to an empty desk seat next to Sophie. Kate was screaming in her own head. She could watch everything going on.
"Sit right over here." 
Ms Pampet stood in-front of Kate. She began rubbing the amulet. She softly recited an incantation to Kate.
"You will be your best."
"I will be my best." Kate repeated.
"Free time is for learning" Ms Pampet said.
"Free time is for learning." Kate repeated.
"You will be perfect." Ms Pampet said, rubbing her amulet, eyes locked in with Kate's.
As Kate was being forced to repeat the last bit, Ms Pampet without noticing, bumped into a broom stick. The clash of the broom falling to the floor was just enough to wake Kate from the trance.
"Dang it." Ms Pampet scuffed, moving away from the broom.
Kate took what little time Ms Pampet was distracted, to reach into her pocket to grab her slingshot. 
"Hey Pampet!" Kate called out. Ms Pampet turned back around. "Achieve this!" Kate fired off the slingshot, knocking the amulet off Ms Pampet's neck. The green amulet smashing to the floor into pieces.
"Noooo!!!!" Ms Pampet calls out. Kate's eyes in disbelief as she watches Ms Pampet dissolve into a thick pile of green ooze. Nothing left of Ms Pampet but a pair of glasses and a black robe.
Kate sighed in relief. The room darkened a bit. It occurred to her to check on the children. Kate turned around and noticed no one was left except Sophie. Kate rushed over to Sophie.
"Hey, you okay?" she asked, kneeling in-front of her.
"Yeah--I think so." Sophie responded, blinking curiously. "What happened?" 
Kate opened her mouth to answer. But she changed her mind when the lost expression in Sophie's eyes made her rethink telling the truth.
"Nothing. Let's get you home." Kate responded, helping Sophie stand, guiding her out of the room. Kate stayed back for a second. Children giggling echoed. A feeling of happiness rushed over Kate. She smiled with satisfaction knowing she helped the spirits rest.
Kate started out of the room. As she was shutting the door, she took one last look as she felt the presence of someone watching come over her. No one was there. Kate closed the disheveled door behind her. It let out a slow creaky sound. 
An evil laughter buried deep in the shadows of the room echoed.

© Copyright 2018 Griff D. Con. All rights reserved.

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