Mirror Madness

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Horror.Humour.Flash Fiction.

Submitted: May 15, 2018

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Submitted: May 15, 2018



Mirror Madness


  The Aliens have burrowed tunnels deep into my body, to

mine my D N A material. It gives me the shivers to feel them

at work. I go into my Aunty's flat to steal some of her booze

when she's drunk, and unconscious on the floor, to make me

feel better, and forget about the Aliens.

  But Aunt Stella's awake on the floor, with nothing on underneath

her open dressing gown, hung over when I go in.

- Jimmy what are you doing here?

- The Aliens told me to come and see if you're alright.

- I'm alright, I'm just relaxing. Aliens? What Aliens? You're mad!

- No I'm not!

- You're mad Jimmy, you wrote Stella's mad on my mirror in


- You must be mad if you think I wrote that you were mad!

- Look, come with me...

  Aunt Stella leads me into the mess of her bedroom, and sure 

enough her mirror has " Stella is mad," written in lipstick across


- You'll never get any of my money when I die, I can tell you.

You won't be named in my will Jimmy. I know about the trap door

in the floor. I know how you sneak in through there and write on

my mirror!

- Aunt Stella I didn't do it.

- Look! Here's the trap door!

  Aunt Stella pulls a rug aside on the bedroom floor and shows me...

- You go down there and see all the mirrors you're always writing


  Aunt Stella opens the trap door and hands me a torch. I trip down 

the steps, and sure enough there's a room down there with mirrors

everywhere, all with the same lipstick writing on them. I go back

up the stairs.

- Yeh, you're right Aunt Stella, but look, I didn't write on your 


- Didn't you?

- Where would I get the lipstick from? I haven't got any lipstick.

- You stole my lipstick boy! I'm not going to put up with this 


  Aunt Stella picks up a full bottle of gin and smashes it into 

the mirror. Sharp glass flies everywhere. It's all over the floor.

- I'll never have to look at your crazy messages again Jimmy!

  And Aunt Stella drunkenly bends over and picks up a few shards 

of glass and starts eating them...

- I ain't mad Jimmy, you're the one that's mad, always talking 

about Aliens...

- If you say so Aunt Stella.

  I pick a sharp piece of glass and bite into it...

- It's pretty crunchy isn't it Aunt Stella? I ain't mad either...




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