I saw karma

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Karma is a cycle of life.

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



Wayan Dyer once said "how people treat you is their karma and how you react is yours" I met a girl in streets who has wide eyes and different hair dyes ,she had many demons in her eyes What stunned me was her rumbling words which said "you can't hide from cycle of karma" being a youngster I had come across many dialects from by pals who has aggressive way of using words 'Karma is a bitch'.When nothing works for them these words work as a antidote to their wounds. We just try to defend our hearts with a corrupt shield thinking maybe karma can be a answer. But instead it swallows all of us.

We believe that, we all have two sides where one believes in destiny and the others sticks to Karma, but in actual it's the destiny that brings karma into your menu; you get served what you deserve.

It would seem like everything is back into place but the ropes of disgrace starts to burn under your skin that's were you realise you are drowning under your own karma.

Believe in your thoughts and views and don't let others thoughts destroy your inner peace. Be kind to all ,as a reflection of your character. If you do good then just sit back and leave it to Karma. Karma has no generation, Itz one for all.

Hardest part of human mind is we think we have a lot of time; Time is the bitter truth of Karma if your deeds are good, time changes.

Karma is just like a girl who is surrender us with a blunt blades and ends it with a smile of shame. #I saw Karma#

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