KIA - Episode 5 (The Asylum and Interrogation)

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KIA explores the mind and story of Kaiser; he's taken to a mental asylum where he learns of his upbringing and connections to the investigation. Meanwhile, Gary experiences an influx of criticism
for his early decisions after taking office; he takes a call to reduce this pressure. Amidst all this, Mitch Hutchinson is seen interrogating the rapists to gather more information for

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



[Scene 1: Previously on 'KIA']

(Meanwhile, Gary observes the chaos from his window and on TV. He smiles for a brief moment and later drinks his cup of coffee)

GARY - (Mind Voice) Just watch as I make Chiltern my bitch (smirks).

(We are now in KIA's room; Edgar and KIA have printed out a picture of Kaiser to later stick on the wall)

KIA - (Sticks the picture of Kaiser's mug shot on his room's wall) How long was he on probation for?

EDGAR - He committed the act when was 28. He was released at the age of 40.

KIA - I see (closely stares into the facial appearance of Kaiser).

[Scene 2]

(Chiltern Central Police Station - a cop named Mitch Hutchinson interrogates each of the rapists. One by one, each rapist is sat in the interrogation room with Mitch.)

MITCH - (Looks at the first rapist) Dr. Watson.

(The rapist is reluctant on responding to his address)

MITCH - Dermatologist, aye? What got into your skin at that moment?

(The rapist is reluctant on responding)

MITCH - Keeping quiet isn't going to do shit.

(No response - Mitch receives a transmission from the cop whose watching the scene from outside the room)

MITCH - (To his walkie talkie) Nothing, Connor. I'll be there in 5.

(Silence amongst the two continue)

MITCH - (Plops out two of his guns and places them on the desk separating the two) I'm leaving you options. (Gets up) Decide.

(Mitch leaves the interrogation room to get a cup of coffee. As he does so, him and the other cops watch and observe what Dr. Watson does with the guns)

CONNOR - He's not responding to them yet.

MITCH - Wait a couple of seconds.

(Meanwhile inside the interrogation room, Dr. Watson hesitantly picks up a gun. Mitch smirks and enters the room. As does so, Dr. Watson aims fire at Mitch and doesn't shoot; the gun he had was not loaded)

CRIMINAL 1 - (In fear and anxiety) W-W-What?

MITCH - (Smirks) How cute (picks up the other gun and fires it at the wall behind the criminal).

CRIMINAL 1 - Ahh!! (In fear)

MITCH - This one is loaded (outsmarts Dr. Watson, and then sits down). Boy, aren't you a scaredy cat, hehe. There's no way around this, doctor. It's time you tell us what you know.

CRIMINAL 1 - I don't.

MITCH - You don't have that choice now. You wasted that opportunity. Now you give me what I want.

CRIMINAL 1 - I don't have what you're looking for.

MITCH - Then tell me what you do know, even if it's not what I'm looking for.

CRIMINAL 1 - And why should I?

MITCH - Because you're in my room. Answer to what I say; I still have five more bullets.

[Scene 3]

(On Tony LIVE: News Telecast Interview. Gary is being interviewed by Tony Shaw)

TONY - Firstly, I would like to extend my hearty congratulations to you on your mayor election.

GARY - Thank you very much.

TONY - There were reports about you experiencing a medical illness. How are you recovering from that?

GARY - Till yesterday evening it was rumored to be something along the lines of Typhoid, and you know that's why I couldn't appear before the press last night.

TONY - I see.

GARY - But yes, I recently met with the doctors and they've closely monitored my health over the past seven hours. Thankfully it wasn't a case of Typhoid, it was just a peculiar gastric problem.

TONY - Oh I see, well it's wonderful to see you back on your feet.

GARY - Wouldn't miss it for the worlds hehe.

TONY - True, and now leading to the first topic of discussion: the riots at Chiltern Central. What's your response to that incident?

GARY - I would just like to say that it's very unfortunate for me to see something like this happen just as soon as get elected into office. I'm sure many of you know how much of a 'controversial' candidate I was; at least in the eyes of some members of the public. Whenever there are two extreme and opposing ideologies competing for power, there are always going to be extreme follow-ups from those.

TONY - I see.

GARY - Be it the situation for last term, when Harvey won the mayor's seat. There was some controversy and unsettling events amongst the public because of that decision.

TONY - You referred to Harvey's election, for last term, and how it too spurred some unsettling events in Chiltern. While that was true, to some extent, we've never had an extreme riot as such. Such an event would most probably date back to the 60s when we were in constant interference with the 'so-called' underworld.

GARY - But Tony, you're not getting it. Times are changing. What you referred to, as similar riot of the 60s are due to becoming one of the most extreme riots Chiltern has ever seen. To me, it's not about the size of the riot that matters; just as long a problem spurs up, it's something I must look after.

TONY - A lot of members of the public, you know, you can see all over social media, their personal documentation of the troublemakers; they explicitly label them as psychologically troubled individuals. How would you like to respond to such viral posts, given that you just amended the release of psychopathic criminals?

GARY - In this society, everyone is susceptible to be labelled as psychologically disabled, retarded, mental, you name it. More than a condition, it's now become this form of abuse. So in response to their video documentation, I would take it as if they're insulting them, rather than stating the fact that my decision caused the problem.

TONY - A lot of people on Chiltern, in fact on our social media page have written tonnes of questions prior to this interview.

GARY - Oh boy..hehe.

TONY - In a nutshell, they want to know the reasoning behind the release of those psychopathic criminals. What was your motive towards that act?

GARY - It's a repeated question I've encountered all throughout these past couple of days. The release of criminals to society doesn't necessarily make me one who supports his past upbringing has a mafia member. See, I've only released those of psychological conditions under the notion that their actions are mostly involuntary. Those folks deep down are just as pure as us, but it's that neural wiring or whatever that alters the way they're thinking. With institutions like hospitals and individuals like therapists, we want to encourage these folks that there is still the opportunity to thrive as a normal being in Chiltern. Now obviously, the back-fall from that is their immediate intention to inflict harm on matters they haven't encountered for a huge chunk of their asylum life. While I do punish genuine criminals, I see no purpose in giving the treatment to those with involuntary reflexes.

[Scene 4]

(At Chiltern Mental Asylum; KIA investigates the condition of Kaiser to better understand the connection with the rapists)

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - He was sentenced here at the age of 28 or 29 I think. He was just released a couple of years back, aged 40.

KIA - What you can tell me about Kaiser?

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - For starters, he was sent here because he set a baby dangling from a building, while on fire, which is already like (cringing).

KIA - I get it.

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - It was quite hard to understand his condition. Firstly, he has no blood relative. He simply refused to disclose that matter.

KIA - Any official documents stating that?

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - It was hopeless. They didn't disclose his relative either. It took me some time to realize that he developed a sort of sadistic personality disorder.

KIA - (Intrigued) I see....

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - So for a professional like me, trying my level best to use my expertise to ask the right questions, he would so often twist my words and understand what I'm doing to his mind.

KIA - Hmm....

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - We conducted a sense perception test during his fifth year in probation. We were gathering obscure results about his senses.

KIA - Of what sort?

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - For a starters, his five senses are very active. At night when it was time to return to sleep, he's able to make out sounds approaching him within across a long hallway.

KIA - Seems pretty alright, don't you think?

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - It's strange if that was his impulse during deep sleep.

KIA - Hmm....h-he has a double iris. Any idea about how that happened?

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - That aspect is still unknown to us. We consulted eye specialists at the general hospital. Their only explanation was a random genetic mutation. Without the presence of his parents, we were unable to disclose the sources of that mutation. They themselves were baffled to understand the roots of the issue.

KIA - Let's talk about...criminal motives. Any criminal-like thoughts or discussions you overheard during his time?

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - I can show you his cell.

(KIA is taken to Kaiser's cell; the cell is designed such that all walls are made up of whiteboards. There's a whiteboard marker in one place, allowing the criminals to freely express their thoughts)

KIA - Interesting design.

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - We had to redesign them in such a manner as the enclosed cell just further aggravated their psychotic motives.

KIA - I see.

PSYCHIATRIST 1 - A setup as such simply lets them free up whatever is clogging up in their heads. It helps us understand their thought process and brain function.

KIA - Very helpful, I must say.

(KIA stands in the center of the cell and observes the scribbles made by Kaiser during his time at the Asylum. KIA closely notes down any recurring patterns in his thoughts. He was drawn to Kaiser's stress on the word 'reciprocate')

[Scene 5]

(Back at Chiltern Central Police Department; Mitch Hutchinson has successfully interrogated four rape suspects. He is currently in the midst of dealing with the last suspect)

MITCH - Spill it.

CRIMINAL 5 - I don't have anything for you.

MITCH - Time's precious. Don't waste too much of it in this place. This is my court; I will get your testimony.

CRIMINAL 5 - Don't test me.

(Mitch places two guns on the table separating them both)

MITCH - Choose.

(The criminal eyes at the guns and becomes reluctant to pick either of them up)

CRIMINAL 5 - Don't try any games on me, Mitch. I know.

MITCH - I ain't leaving (arms folded and staring at him). Quick, this is the only time you got a choice.

CRIMINAL 5 - This one (chooses the silver-coloured gun).

MITCH - Shoot with that?

CRIMINAL 5 - Sure.

(Mitch grabs the gun before he does and immediately places the gun towards his head; all while standing at the back of him)

CRIMINAL 5 - Ay! Ay! What?! (Panicking) You said I had a choice!

MITCH - Choose your fate, that was the plan.

CRIMINAL 5 - No! No! I-I'll tell you! I'll tell you!!

(Mitch fires the gun; again, the gun was not loaded. The criminal is astonished to realise his luck. Mitch sits down)

MITCH - I told you, time is precious. Tell me everything you know.....and fuck off. 

[Scene 6]

(The closing to Tony's LIVE telecast is approaching)

TONY - Thank you, mister mayor. I'm afraid that's all the time we've got. Tune in to the 'Tony LIVE' discussion on Facebook and Twitter; join the conversation. Till then, this is Tony Shaw signing off.

(the live telecast closes)

TONY - (Handshakes Gary) Thank you so much for this interview.

GARY - My pleasure, Tony (smiles and walks off from the studio).

(Outside the studio; Gary's car comes to pick him up. His personal assistant is also there)

PA 1 - How was it?

GARY - That son of a bitch keeps bringing up my past. Like I give a fuck.

PA 1 - Ah forget it.

GARY - At least my temper was under control. Could have twisted that bastard's head.

PA 1 - Calm down, it's over now.

GARY - (Looks out at the view) Can't stand these news anchors, Don. It doesn't make sense for them to talk about the past, when I'm the one elected for today's business.

[Scene 7]

(At Evans' Estate; the doorbell rings. Evans answers the door to find Gary)

EVANS - (in shock) What're you doing here?

GARY - Listen um...hope you're recovering from all that.

EVANS - (in shock) You bastard.

GARY - Ah (hugs Evans) Listen, I know you're still emotionally unstable. I understand that. I just dropped by as courtesy to see how you're doing.

EVANS - Get the fuck out of my house.

GARY - No Evans, I want to see how your wife- (gets cut off)

EVANS - Get! the fuck out! Now!

GARY - (A moment of silence) Evans, I want you to know I have no hard feelings for you. This, this rivalry between us; it was always a politically healthy one.

EVANS - Ay- (gets cut off).

GARY - Listen, I know you're going to suspect me, because why not? I was at one time in the mafia. Those, brutal things that happened to you and your family, those are obviously matters a mafia member like me would do; but let's sit and rewind for a bit.

(Both Gary and Evans take a seat on the sofa)

GARY - (In a soft voice) I know you've been to the police, I know you're baffled at my erased police record, I know. It's what a sane man like you would do. Obviously you're concerned for your family's wellbeing. Doesn't mean you place your eggs on my basket. Seeing all this chaos in Chiltern Central (pauses) it saddens me, Evans.

(Evans is closely listening, and still skeptic)

GARY - Obviously, these incidents were meant to be, for a man who lead a life of the mafia before. Now the situation shows me being targeted for every bad thing happening in Chiltern. Riots? Protests? Murders? They're all saying it's my fault. You know why I deleted my records?

EVANS - (Hesitant and in a soft voice) Why?

GARY - I want the people to know, I can change. Certainly that was one of my men who killed your son with that toxic ice cream. You got to understand, with a police record like that, ain't nobody ready to serve under my party. All I got is my mafia men; and they're far nastier than I am. You saw what they did, didn't you?


GARY - What I'm trying to say is. If you still think, after all this, that I'm responsible for the fate of your family? I sincerely apologise, for being on your mind as the target these past days. See, as mayor-elect, I ain't going to get a good night's sleep if I truly did what you think I did. I ain't going to do my job properly, and guys like Tony Shaw? Yeah, they'll rip me to shreads. There's social media to report on all this shady business. You got to understand, a man like me, who once mercilessly committed all those crimes, is now appearing before a man, whom he did no harm to, but as a human wants to give emotional support.

EVANS - (Hesitant) G-Gary.

GARY - Yes?

EVANS - Y-You don't need to try so hard.

GARY - I guess, y-you're still not convinced.


GARY - I tonnes of paperwork to do back at the office. I wanted to come see you, because I care for you. Despite being enemy on the podium, you are a friend otherwise.

EVANS - (Stands up slowly and signals Gary) Come here.

(Evans takes him to the bedroom; where Mrs. Evans remains traumatised and quite firm)

EVANS - Wife...(sullen voice).

GARY - (Soft voice) Terrible, it's really terrible to see her in that state.

(Evans breaks into tears)

GARY - Evans, c'mon (hugs him) Things will get better, my friend. Under God's grace if I have become the changed man I am today, then surely your wife will come back to normality. Has she had the abortion?

EVANS - Y-Yes.

GARY - Good, glad to hear. I-I won't stick around for long, I believe your wife may respond negatively in my presence. I'll take leave.

(Just as Gary leaves the place)

EVANS - Gary.

GARY - Yes?

EVANS - I do hope, the lord changed you as you spoke. (Sticks his hand out) Assure me, we won't face any trouble.

GARY - (Firmly shakes his hand) I solemly swear, to not cause any harm to you and your family. I understand the hell you're experiencing at this dark moment of yours. If I do break this promise of ours; you have every right to get me impeached from office.

[Scene 8]

(Chiltern Central Police Station; Commissioner's Office)

MITCH - (Salutes) Sir!

COMMISSIONER - Got the information

MITCH - Yes, sir (places the information folder on his desk).

COMMISSIONER - What could you find?

MITCH - They mentioned two names; Gary and Kaiser.

COMMISSIONER - Who the fuck is Kaiser?

MITCH - That mental asylum case from years ago.

COMMISSIONER - (Thinking) I see....what's he got to do with this?

MITCH - They spoke mostly about Gary's involvement, not those of Kaiser.

COMMISSIONER - How did you find out about Kaiser then?

MITCH - They had a tattoo running on their arms reading 'Kaiser'. The first four didn't say why; the last one said 'mental'.

COMMISSIONER - And you just assumed that it's the mental asylum guy.

MITCH - There no other Kaiser's in our records.

COMMISSIONER - Not an ideology? Not a group?

(Mitch doesn't answer)

COMMISSIONER - Research that and come back.

[Scene 9]

(At KIA's house; Edgar is drinking a glass of whiskey and content)

KIA - Dad, are you okay?

EDGAR - W-What? Yes, I-I'm okay.

KIA - (Sits across from the table) What happened?

EDGAR - Nothing, just a weird headache.

KIA - You need to stay off from alcohol to get rid of that headache.

EDGAR - Just this one last glass.

KIA - Alright.

(After a long pause)

EDGAR - (Curious) What did you learn about him?

KIA - He uh...suffered a personality disorder.

EDGAR - Personality disorder?

KIA - Yes, (tries recalling) they said sadistic personality disorder.

EDGAR - Oh....(becomes tense).

KIA - (Senses his pulse rate getting faster) You're stressing out too much. What happened?

EDGAR - Nothing, I-I think it's the alcohol (gets up).

KIA - Sure?

EDGAR - Yes, it's just a nagging headache (goes to his room).

(KIA goes to his room, picks up a marker and closely stares into Kaiser's mug shot photo. After a while, he writes the word 'reciprocate' next to his picture in black bold letters. KIA then closely ponders on the meaning behind that word, and how it connects to his investigation)

KIA - (Mind Voice) Reciprocate...Reciprocate...Re-ci-pro-cate.




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