How to Care For Your Human: A Guide For Dogs

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This guide for dogs details how to effectively care for and maintain a human.

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



How to Care For Your Human: A Guide For Dogs

First and foremost, if you have decided to adopt a human, you need to be ready for the great responsibility that comes with it. Humans are not easy to care for and have very unpredictable habits and mannerisms. One minute they’re happy and the next minute they’re crying; it’s a mess. This is why it’s imperative to use your abilities as a dog to comfort humans and be a loyal companion. Humans find comfort in the attention that you can give. From greeting them with a wagging tail to licking their face, these are the things that light people’s faces up after having a bad day.  They have a tendency to ruin their own lives, so your first duty is to be there for them when they have nothing left to give. It is so selfless of you to take this chance on a hopelessly selfish species, and if you’re lucky you will find one of the rare caring, kind, compassionate humans that deserves your presence.

The first challenge you will find yourself facing are human emotions. Unpredictable and unwarranted, negative emotions need to be remedied and positive emotions need to be encouraged. You need to be loyal to your human through thick and thin, there will be great times followed by the worst lows. Humans tend to abandon each other, so your presence should be the only thing that stays constant before, during, and after a disaster Nobody has told you this task will be easy, and if you’re prepared for the challenge, you will find a best friend to love and care for.


Lesson #1: Happiness

One of the most prominent human emotions is a feeling of joy and exuberance. Because genuine happiness is so seldom found in this problematic day and age, when your human is happy, you must celebrate! At their times of extreme happiness you must be prepared to jump and wag with them. All anybody wants to feel is genuinely loved, so if you can show excitement about something that doesn’t affect you, it shows that you’re a loyal companion, a best friend.


Lesson #2: Sadness

This is another major emotion you will encounter. Humans are great at finding reasons for themselves to sulk and cry, and sometimes that works wonders for getting them to feel okay again. Although many people try to be alone when they’re in pain, nobody ever wants to feel alone. You are the unshaking shoulder for your human to cry on, the impartial friend who will be there no matter what.


Lesson #3: Fear

While most animals interpret fear as a fight or flight response, humans are too smart for their own good. They tend to overthink and irrationalize fears, until the only thing that they can think about is the hypothetical “monster under the bed”. You are responsible to kill that monster. Guard your human and protect them. Your instincts will allow you have an intuition that no human will ever possess, so use that intuition to determine if your human is fearful. It doesn’t matter if they’re afraid of something rational or irrational, nobody wants to feel as if they’re fighting their monsters alone.


After this brief introduction to human emotions and tendencies, you may be ready to take your skills to the real world and take care of a real human. Let me leave you with a little bit of parting advice. Never underestimate the effect your companionship can have on a person. If you can succeed at making one human feel a little bit less alone, your job as man’s best friend is done.


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