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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Humor  |  House: Booksie Classic

A short work in progress piece written as a task in writers club where you have to incorporate random sentences into your writing.

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



Clarence was flolloping his way to work. Or, he was trying to. He didn’t know why he was doing so, much less why he was wearing his new lampshades for shoes. He just woke up that morning to a beautiful clear sky, orange as far as the eye could see, and felt an ogling need to put on his lampshades. Clarence admitted he did look fabulous, but still, it wasn’t exactly dress code approved. only when he got to work and saw the sign, did he realise it was Wednesday. “stupid dummy idiot face” the sign read, “nobody goes to work on Wednesday.” it was then he felt a strange thought shoot like a bullet train through his mind. It was gone before he could read what was written on the thought train, but it left him with a funny twist in his stomach. 

He shook it off as best he could and turned his flolloping efforts towards the local park, no point going back to bed now, the water would have gone cold.
Clarence installed the transmatter hyperdrive into the nanoparticle-replicater. It smelled GLORIOUS. it really was the best idea to go to the park, the soft taste of the aeroplanes’ chirping filled him with delight. Sitting and breathing in the sultry sent of the nanoparticle-replicater he felt another rushing train stab through his brain, this time he managed to pick up one word, ‘wrong’. 
Huh? He thought idly, what does that mea- 
A sudden pain and another twist in his stomach had him blinking milk from his eyes, no, not milk, something salty… tears. What? He looked up and saw a reflection of blue sky in the lake before his vision cleared and the serene orange returned, all doubt that had arrised at the mirage faded away as the taste of aeroplane chirps chased away the salt.

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