Just Treat Him As Your Immortal Son

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Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



Don't try to purchase him with the unfathomable armory of your spurious wealth; dictating to him the spurious norms of your monotonously conventional lifestyle,
Just sit by his side sharing his joy and pain; and then witness him cling perpetually close to your heart; instead.

Don't try to intimidate him with your treacherous set of rules and bombastic regulations; tyrannizing him to stand first in his class,
Just play with him uninhibitedly in your lap; and witness him make you feel the richest man alive; showering his celestial smile; instead.

Don't try and teach him textbooks of manipulative corporate management indefatigably throughout the blazing day; stringently whipping him as he made
the tiniest of mistake,
Just wholeheartedly share with him the experiences of your life; and then witness him scrap the most inconspicuous iota of agony from your anguished blood; instead.

Don't try and dress him up according to your pompous tastes and desires; brutally ordering him to shake hands with your sanctimoniously attired mates in the baseless party hall,
Just stand for what he was; wherever he wanted; and then witness him bestow upon you an infinite lives; be only yours for centuries immemorial; instead.

Don't try and slave him to your every command; taking undue advantage of his boisterous youth and inherent charm,
Just philander and gallivant with him rhapsodically through the mystical hills; genuinely admiring the most diminutive of his attribute; and then witness him
bloom into your every philanthropic dream; instead.

Don't try and challenge his immaculate persona with your inevitably acquired knowledge; ruthlessly assassinating his innocent suggestions,
Just let him pursue the dreams that he wanted; inspiring him to be the very best in the mission of his heart; and then witness him become the unfathomable pride of your impoverished soul; instead.

Don't scare the winds out of his Godly countenance; making him retreat in his shivering cocoon; the minute you stepped like a white collared tycoon from
the office,
Just embrace him ardently with both arms; talk to him like the best friend of his life; and then witness him enlighten the tunnels of frantic desperation in your eyes; instead.

Don't penalize him for his inadvertently committed misdeeds;belting your fanatic frustrations of the day upon his intricately tender visage,
Just free him from the chains of your parasitically congenial society; making him feel the strongest entity alive in the warmth of your chest; and thenwitness him become the jewel of your blind eyes; as well as of the entire Nation; instead.

And don't make him feel as if you were only his guardian; feeding him whenever he desired; providing him cloth and shelter only because his veins carried rudiments of your own blood,
Just treat him as your immortal son; a friend to him when he was mischievous; a philosopher when he indispensably needed your vast experiences of life; and then witness him tirelessly call you; love you; as father; instead

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