Lost In Love

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Sorry I haven't been posting. Here's another sad story... (It'll get better) MAYBE MAYBE NOT You'll have to wait and see.

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018




I was at a graduation party on a Friday night for all of the seniors in college; that’s how we met. Lucas. That’s his name. He’s tall with light blonde colored hair, very little freckles, and electric blue eyes. He’s 22. My name is Chloe. I’m 21. I’m very short, brown, wavy hair, a lot of freckles, and light brown eyes. I think I’m very ugly although, everyone else says I’m really pretty.

When I went to the party that night, I never expected to meet someone new. He was Dylan’s best friend. Dylan was my best friend. Dylan had a secret that I didn’t know at the time. Dylan picked me up and took me to the party that night.

When we finally got to the party, I walked inside and got a drink. I only had one sip when he bumped into me and made me spill my drink all over my clothes. He then apologized and introduced himself. Lucas. After he introduced himself, he told me to follow him, so I did. When we got to a room painted pink on the inside, he told me this was his sister's room and that I could borrow some of her clothes. I was reluctant at first, but he insisted, I ended up getting a black cold-shoulder with some ripped white skinny jeans. When I walked out of the room and back down the stairs, everyone kept staring at me. Then, out of nowhere, Lucas walked up to me, told me I looked pretty, then asked me if I wanted another drink; I said yes and he went and got it for me. Before he came back, Dylan came up to me and asked me, angrily if I was flirting with Lucas. I said no. Because it was the truth. Yes, he was cute; no, I wasn’t flirting. Dylan got mad and stormed outside just as Lucas was coming back.  Lucas looked concerned when he saw Dylan. “What was that about?” He asked. “He thinks I’m flirting with you,” I answered, truthfully. He laughed and handed me my drink.

By the time the party was over, I was pretty drunk, but I had gotten to know Lucas a lot. He was really sweet. When I started walking towards the car, Lucas stopped me, and asked me, hesitantly if I would go out to dinner with him sometime. I said yes! Right before I walked up to the car, Dylan drove off, leaving me there. When Lucas saw that, he told me I could stay at his place and borrow his sister’s room because she wouldn’t be home, so I texted my mom and told her I’d be staying at a friend's house. Before I could fall asleep, Lucas put a trash can by the bed in case I threw up and gave me a pair of clothes I could sleep in. I was so thankful I got to know him although, getting to know him may have cost me another friendship.

Morning came and as I awoke, I felt really dizzy and had a headache. I threw up three times immediately. When I came out of the room, I saw Lucas making breakfast for me. He saw me as I was walking over to him. “You look like crap,” he pointed out, laughing. “I feel like crap,” I responded, as we both laughed. As Lucas got up to get me some more clothes to wear for the day, I looked at my phone to see I had some texts from Dylan saying things like, “Where’d you go last night?” and “I’m sorry for leaving you there!” I responded as Lucas came back with some clothes. I texted Dylan back saying, “I stayed at Lucas’ place. Hope you don’t mind.” By his next text, I could tell he cared, “You really think I don’t mind that my girl best friend is staying over at my guy best friend’s house?!?!” “I stayed in his sister’s room. Don’t worry. We didn’t do anything if that’s what you’re thinking,” I told him. Lucas could tell I was getting angry, so he brought me my breakfast. When I finished my breakfast, I went to the bathroom to change clothes.

At dinner with Lucas, I got a call from Dylan. When I answered he told me that we need to get to the hospital because he had some bad news, so we asked for the ticket and were on our way to the hospital.  As we got to the hospital, we were greeted by a nurse, but I didn’t see Dylan. The nurse made us follow him into a room. Looking around the room, Dylan and his dad came into vision. We ran up to him. I gave him a big hug, and we asked what happened. The nurse that brought us to the room took us outside to talk to us. As he shut the door, the nurse started hesitantly telling us what was wrong, “...Dylan has Leukemia… I’m sorry to say this, but he has a low chance of recovery and survival... ...I’m sorry…” I started crying as soon as he said Leukemia. My heart skipped a beat, and I ran into Dylan’s room faster than a cheetah. Lucas followed me. When I got to his bed, I gave him a big hug, still crying. Me crying made him cry too. “Lucas… I have something to tell you,” Dylan hesitated before finishing his confession, “... I love you…” Lucas  didn’t know what to say, so he just kind of sat there for a minute until Dylan spoke again, “I love you too, Chloe; only as a sister though…” “I love you too, brother,” I told him. “I should probably go… I can’t stand seeing you in pain,” I said, hesitantly. He said okay *obviously in pain*, and Lucas and I left.

When we were back at Lucas’ house, I asked what he meant by that. Lucas answered me hesitantly,”He hasn’t told you?” I said no, and he continued, “He likes me…” I kind of just sat there for a minute until Lucas came up to me and told me it’ll be okay and that Dylan will live. I knew that probably wasn’t true, but it gave me some hope anyway.

As five years went by, Lucas and I were still dating, but Dylan was getting worse. Each day I was getting more and more worried. Then on Dylan’s birthday, I got a call from someone. My heart skipped a million beats when I saw who it was from. The hospital. I was at Lucas’ house at the time I got the call, so I asked him to answer it for me. I couldn’t really hear what they were saying, but as soon as the nurse said something, all the color was drained from Lucas’ face. I knew instantly what happened. I ran into the car crying. Lucas hung up my phone, grabbed the keys, and followed me to the car. We went straight to the hospital. I cried the whole way there and the whole time in the hospital. I would never be able to forgive myself. When we had to say our goodbyes, I put my present, a shark tooth necklace,(he had always wanted one) on Dylan’s neck, and said goodbye… For the last time. After everyone else said their goodbyes, we went back to Lucas’ house.

I cried for 10 days straight; Lucas let me stay at his place in his sister’s room since she was still off in college. When I needed the pain to go away, I usually wrote stories. Lucas however, he just cried to take the pain away. I never liked crying in front of people although it was kind of hard to avoid because I’m a very emotional person. If you know me, you would know that. I changed up my looks after Dylan’s funeral. I dyed my hair orangish red. I wore colored contacts that make my eyes green. Everyone says I look depressed all the time. Lucas still liked me though, so that’s good! When Lucas’ sister graduated, she told me that I could keep her room because she’d be moving out, so I stayed at Lucas’ place for a while.

Lucas had taken me on a surprise vacation trip one day. When we got to the airport, I found out he was taking me to Paris! I had always wanted to go there! When we finally arrived,  I was amazed. Then Lucas said something super sweet, “I think it’s pretty, but there’s something prettier, even beautiful, I’d say… You!” Then, he did something awesome! He… got down on one knee and said, “You’ve been there for me through the happy times with the sad, the drunk times with the bad, and the sunny day with the rain! You’ve been my sun and my moon, now will you be my forever?” Then he pulled out the prettiest ring I’ve ever seen. It had a sun, a heart, and a moon. The sun had a diamond in the middle of it.; the moon had a diamond right beside it. The heart was in between the sun and the moon. While jumping up and down in happiness, I said yes! As I was saying yes, Lucas got up and gave me a big hug! He was so sweet!


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