Kavya- My New Born Daughter

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Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



I had been ardently yearning for this moment as much as fathomless fields of barren grass; passionately yearn for rain,
And today her beautifully soft palms were entwined in heavenly unison with my chest; as she astoundinglystartled me with her bountifully sporadic winking.

I had been intransigently desiring this moment; as much as the unfathomably mystical forests; perennially desire resplendent fruit,
And today her celestially innocuous eyes reflected the Omnipotent charisma of the entire Universe in my face; as she gorgeously emanated her very first cry of survival.

I had been tumultuously craving for this moment; as much as the patriotically blazing soldiers crave for; irrefutably scintillating triumph,
And today her mischievous shock of ravishing hair; eternally caressed my
ebulliently tear soaked cheeks.

I had been intractably perceiving this moment; as much as the Gods in the cosmos indefatigably perceive; harmoniously symbiotic brotherhood on even the most
remote quarter of this Universe,
And today her divinely diminutive feet rhapsodically kicked my chin; with each profoundly pronounced line on her majestic palms; euphorically chiseling the
remainder of my penurious life.

I had been irrevocably fantasizing about this moment; as much as the profusely scarlet roses fantasize about being regally kissed; by the voluptuously
silken clouds,
And today her innocuously rubicund lips smiled uninhibitedly at me; putting my unsurpassable ocean of worries and anguish; to a perpetual rest.

I had been indefatigably wanting this moment; as much asdolorous solitariness wanted to be handsomely perpetuated; by a resplendently twinkling fountain of
enchanting sounds,
And today her ingratiatingly sacrosanct forehead rested blissfully in my outstretched hands; as she beautifully suckled my little finger in her Godly mouth.

I had been unrelentingly cognizing this moment; as much as the freshly sown seeds incessantly cognized about being aristocratically drenched; by torrential tumblers of sparkling rain,
And today her immaculately Omniscient skin bestowed upon me not only the strength to rise from my veritable grave; but unflinchingly exist for infinite
more births yet to unveil.

I had been fanatically waiting for this moment; as much as the disheveled orphans on the street optimistically waited; to be embraced by cisterns of unparalleled caring,
And today her impeccable large ears flapped in queenly tandem against my fingertips; as she incoherently whispered the magical mantra of life to my; baselessly
wandering soul.

And I had been immortally anticipating this moment; as much as gruesomely hapless darkness in the dungeons; perennially anticipate vibrant beams of vivaciously
unflinching light,
And today her impregnably minuscule heart throbbed more vibrantly than the chapter of existence near my neck; with the blood running in her sacred veins the
same as mine; as she was none other than my newly born daughter; kavya.

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