Keep Me Satisfied

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Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



If you starved me to unprecedented limits; then I would inadvertently attempt to pilfer morsels of food from my neighbor's plate,

If you kept scorched me beyond the point of no control; then I would poke out my tongue unknowingly in the mayor's tap; which was leaking water,

If you created me as black as charcoal; with disdainful boils of infection creeping on every inch of my skin; then I would stretch my palms ominously; in an attempt to snatch fair flesh from the princess,

If you made me squint eyed; then I would stare unrelentingly at all plebeians passing; with fantasies revolving rampantly in my mind to grab their eyes,

If you threw me on the street naked in the freezing cold; then I would run helter-skelter in desperation to steal every business tycoon's clothes,

If you crippled me in an accident; rendering me to spend the remainder of my life on a dilapidated wheelchair; then I would greedily slaver in my tongue; the instants I saw robust complexioned legs marching towards victory,

If you caused me to stammer; stuttering at virtually every word that diffused from my mouth; then I would be engulfed by hideous thoughts of switching my tongue with a professional singer; all day,

If you made me stone deaf; with the most tumultuous of volcano's failing to make any impact on my sleep; then I would try and hamper every single individual from
opening his mouth,

If you made me mentally retarded; with my brain not even being able to distinguish between a dog and a man; then I would pelt stones at every car I encountered; smashing the windshield glass into infinite pieces,

If you forced me to sleep on a bed of hostile thorns; then I would stealthily enter the King's palace; to take away his golden pillow,

If you made me walk barefoot on a road strewn with abhorrent filth and dirt; then I would steal every shoe loitering aimlessly outside the Temple; to protect my bleeding toes,

If you inundated my nose with a fetid stench of blood the entire day; then I would ruthlessly chop every rose from the soil; to appease my senses with its
enamoring scent,
If you deprived me of education; leaving me to bear the taunts of the acrimonious society; then I would resort to illegitimate means of earning money; simply to show the world that they were wrong; silencing their mouths forever,

If you orphaned me in my childhood; never giving me the comfort of nestling in my mothers arms; then I would become a prey to bad habits; with nobody to prudently guide me and illuminate the path of my life,

If you didn't give me space to dig the grave of my cherished ones; then I would extricate the coffin of the pretentious priest; to bury my uncle instead,

If you didn't let me consolidate a single of my dreams; then I would philander without any purpose; simply being a nuisance to the society,

If you didn't give me a right to live; blissfully exist on this earth lost in the world of my passionate fantasy; then I would fight valiantly for my existence; to enjoy the source of my moist breath trickle down my nostrils,

If you uncouthly snatched away my beloved from my life; leaving me deserted with lifeless tears of blood dribbling down my cheek; then I would go mentally insane; perhaps assassinate everyone whom I came in proximity; before
meeting my own  end,

Therefore O! lord; this is my humble plea to you; for today and for several more years of my life to unveil; bless me with whatever I want so that I can lead life
helping other humans; or let me instead pray to you to, keep me satisfied

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