Keeping Her Love

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Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



I kept the reinvigorating pints of soda securely in a transparent bottle; tightly clasping the lid with screws of scintillating steel,

I kept the cubes of exotically transparent ice; in the inner most dormitories of the freezing refrigerator; overwhelmingly engulfed by a chilling calm,

I kept the conglomerate of stupendously redolent flowers in a grandiloquent vase; as they wafted their heavenly scent to every cranny of my profusely amicable dwelling,

I kept the battalion of gaudy shirts in cloistered interiors of my bedroom closet; wholesomely sequestered from even the most minuscule trace of alien light,

I kept the festoon of glittering jewels in the invincible realms of the bank locker; ensuring their perpetual safety against the deadliest of invasion,

I kept the bulky wallet in the back pocket of my handsomely jaded trousers; meticulously safe guarding the crisply bundled notes of currency; against
disdainful dirt and storm,

I kept the swanky automobile in the delectably compact garage; shielding it from salaciously ogling eyes and acrimonious beams of sweltering Sunshine,

I kept the germicidal tablet of stringent soap in proximity with the lavatory seat; to wholesomely annihilate even the last bit of stench adhering intransigently to my palms,

I kept scattered sheaf of random papers compiled safely in a cardboard file; ensuring that they appeared in a scrupulously chronological order; whenever the whites of my eye tried to glimpse them,

I kept the obnoxious buts of ash extruding from my cigar in an emerald ashtray; insurmountably seeing to it that the smoke died a ghastly death; there in itself,

I kept the fabulously studded designer belt on the shimmering hook; gliding like a majestic snake; kissing carpets of seductive air as it cascaded down like an angel,

I kept the cartons of appetizing fruit pulp on the sparkling kitchen slab; feasting my eyes profoundly on the bunch; each time I felt even the tiniest pang of hunger reverberate in my stomach,

I kept the sounds of the melodiously chirping cuckoo; impregnably imprisoned in my ears; cherishing the mesmerizing tunes in my mind; in times of unfathomable distress,
I kept the pet rabbits in their amicably warm kennel; sheltering them from the vicious onslaught of wildly frenzied wolves,

I kept the gruesomely orphaned eggs in the compassionately moist nest; for them to blossom into blissful fledglings of vibrant tomorrow,
I kept the mystically enamoring and checkered chessboard close to the lawns; maneuvering the royally embellished pieces while transgressing through a blanket
of glistening dew drops,

I kept the sachet of tangy peppermints in the topmost compartment of my shirt; popping a pill every now and again into my mouth; to impart that reinvigorating
spice to my monotonously treacherous life,

I kept the idol of my sacrosanct mother in my conscience and my mind; leaning upon it in my times of insurmountably escalating tension; times when I was about to embark on any new expedition in life,

And I kept her love always deep inside my heart; bonding my impoverished soul with hers for countless more births; bonding my breath with hers for fathomless more lives to unveil.

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