Kill The Smoke. Stamp The Cigarette. Quit Smoking Forever.

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Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



Before it vindictively enshrouds every pore of your skin; with its despairingly hideous tinges of cancerous yellow,

Before it metamorphoses you into a carcass of nothingness; with even the most amorphous of scarecrow looking more robust than your disastrously haggard flesh,

Before it reduces you to nothing more than a stinking dustbin of worthless dust; making people around you run an infinite distance-the instant you passed sullen air through your lips,

Before it inevitably renders you into a coughing corpse; disdainfully sputtering like a crankily quaint engine without gas; everytime you tried to squeakily mumble your very own name,

Before it coerces your entire persona to rattle like a jinxed saucepan of emptiness; as each of your bones squandered and creaked with insipidity; everytime you dared tread on soil,

Before it unsparingly massacres the bountiful virility in your seeds; leaves you staggering like an impotent moron; who wasn't even fit to care for an adopted child,

Before it imprisons you forever in its swirl of addictive baselessness; with even the most priceless pearls of love now seeming to be a transient illusionary mist of debilitating decay,

Before it transforms your holistic visions into that of the devil; wanting to do nothing else but spend a life in bizarre isolation; with fathomless bellows of stale wind for breakfast; lunch and dinner,

Before it perpetuates its diabolically bloodshot tinge into the pristine whites of your eye; reducing you from an apostle of happiness to a hapless spirit of the cadaverous graveyard,

Before it miserably trounces your appetite to win- beguiling you with its non-existent witchly stride; doping your otherwise alert brain with severe confusion to traverse even the straightest roads of life,

Before it makes you a fecklessly rejected thorn of the society; for polluting and harming priceless environment around you; with your very own venom laden mouth,

Before it devastates you beyond the point of no return; as you fondly frolicked in the glory of those tensionless childhood days; which now seemed to be getting dimmer and dimmer with each stroke of the helplessly deteriorating night,

Before it horrendously strangulates your lungs with all heaviness that ever existed; making you feel as if you carried the weight of the whole planet; whereas you were now just a pair of crumbling bones all over; as you walked,

Before it annihilates every taste bud of tantalizing freshness in your tongue; transforming you into an into an insane dragon wanting to gobble worthless chunks of desolate deathly fire all the time,

Before it besieges every droplet of your royally persevered sweat with its rotten stench of parasitic gloom; making you feel like a miserable ant waiting to be trampled any instant; even after achieving the entire wealth of the world,

Before it curses you with the onset of lividly emancipating old age in the prime of ebullient youth; as hordes of veritably old men and women hoisted your paperweight frame; for you to do your daily chores,

Before it makes you a blatant outcaste with your very own intestines; which preferred to choke forever into submission; rather than bear the poisonous puff of wind indescribably molesting them,

Before it blows the candles of your mesmerizing life forever; with the horizons of its asphyxiating blackness; which never rose to any fresh dawn or sparkling tomorrow,

Before it painstakingly chars every organ of your beautiful body into the coffins of extinction; with your orphaned black soot then being compared with some of the most lamentful specimens of self-destruction,

Before it makes you an integral part of its thwarted family- consisting of nothing else but boundless mortuaries of ghosts; spirits and countless other bits of despondent meaninglessness,

Before it takes your holistic spirit far far away from God; as you were not just simply exhaling it; but creating living carriers of cancerous disease all around you; each time you breathed out that tawdrily contaminated air,

Before it insidiously creeps in the form of raw red to the edge of your throat; dissipating into oceans of immeasurable slain blood everytime you stuttered; wheezed and spat,

Before it penalizes you to the most extreme degrees of seclusion; disease; repulsion; abhorrence and death; for just being a wonderful host to that lackadaisically jaded pipe like structure with your lips,

Save your life. Kill the Smoke. Stamp the cigarette. Quit smoking forever.

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