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Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018




The comforts of loyalty

A doctrine of silence among the members of your royalty

Words said in confidence not to escape

No need for a mouth to be covered with duct tape

You have my back when the poker chips are stacked

A bonded relationship as a wide receiver has with his quarterback

Loose lips sinks ships

I don’t know nothing, my lips could never be unzipped

Even through the darkness of a solar eclipse

Loyalty of the heart

Where does the pulse end where does it even start

Ride or die with me

No referee needed my word, my bond never to waver under any certain degree

Believing in someone as their parting the Red Sea while in the bed

Once we get up nothing else is said

Loyalty to believe

Loyalty to see

Loyalty an invisible connection

Loyalty a lifetime dedication

You and me against the laws of some

Getting paid by dirty street income

Let the chips fall where they may

No time to betray

A hushed word within a secret society

Sometimes no glory of its notoriety

Hush sweet baby do not say a word

I got the car, the dope, and I got the mockingbird

Here they come buckle down

Hide your emotions and speak like a clown

Now you in handcuffs talking downtown

Loyalty to me; dammit what happened

Baby they caught me slipping and mentally catnapping

And I suppose your mouth just start flapping

Memories of betrayed feelings

Behind double dealings

Scars of painful healings

To reprimand time now you’re on knees kneeling

Make sure you know who you pledge your silence too

Make sure it’s someone who will always come through for you

Rain, hail, the storms or a drought

No need to shout behind the costly bailout

The Ups or Downs

Make sure you are council to your own glorious crown

This regulation applies to woman or man

For those who will never come to understand

Loyalty of emotions

Sitting behind a mask off false devotions

Killing me softly without a gun

Should you stay or should you just run

Inner peace is what the mind and soul crave

Therefore, in life never dig your own grave

Or befall to the improper definition of loyalty to allow another to mentally enslave


The Flow Of My Heart To You II

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