Unknowingly Known Life Lessons

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I am Sourabh Deshwal of Delhi(India). This piece is self written thus saying I am it's author. In this story I am revealing my experience with my father and his extraordinary teachings about life
which he had shared with me. This will teach the new parents the art of parenting and will provide the insights of life to the young children.

Submitted: May 16, 2018

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Submitted: May 16, 2018



Dara Singh. Yes he is the soul king of wrestling, the heart of Haryana. I know that he had died. Inspite if you are going to appear in the exams for government jobs, you should have faced this name, his achievements a couple of times. No, I am not preparing for any such exams. I will be happy with a private job. Actually I am talking about my father. Yes. Dara Singh, my father.

Being a ward of an army personnel, I know not much about the busy -more busy than expectaions- city life. Yes Dara Singh my sole soul hero is a servant of army(govt.). He is a servant not beacuse he wants to earn something for his children before he dyes, but because he wants to provide his children -me and my sister- a view, a view of opprtunities and possiblites. He wants us to rise and shine and of course glitter like snow flake that is freshly fallen on the hills making it shiny. If talking officially, yes he wants to contribute some part of his life in serving the army, the nation (Our India).

Definately everyone of you have heard ever that you should not be contented what you have in life but aspire for more and chase it. My father is different at all. I reject this statement. For my father. I am fully contented with my father's efforts and his terminologies and thank him for all of his efforts (maybe effortless efforts), the efforts which led my family from cowdung cake to yummy chocalate and other flavoured cakes. Definately I would like to thank him for the incrideble lessons he taught me without letting me know that I am learning them. Incredible. Isn't it? Definately great it is.

I am talking about 2008. I was in third. Sunways Public School. Incredible school (Yes it was maybe it is, I will tell you if I will visit there). But I want you to focus on the day of Dusshera. Dusshera Mela. We were happy, overwhelmed joyful and ofcourse tired, after Mela. We were on our way to home. I was terrifically tired. Reaching in front of our building (actually that was 4 qatar army building), I sat down downstairs itself (our home was on 1st floor). My family -father, mother and my sister- went upstairs. Half past ten, I climed upstairs to an amaze to found the doors shut. I rang the bell. No answer. I rang twice, thrice, kept ringing but for no vein. I cried. Mother got nervous (got to know after I enter inside). She rushed towards the door but her steps stopped in between (maybe that was my father who stopped her). I was crying. Mother was worried. Sister was sleeping. All this night event goes on for more than 20-25 minutes when all of a sudden a vioce hit my ears (or recognized by the brain). Yes you are right. That was my father. 

He shouted "Nonu, are you there?" (yes Nonu is my nickname). 

I gathered. Cried "Yes!!". 

He continued "Willing to come inside"

I got desperate but shouted a single large word "Yesss!!"

I was in. Home Sweet Home. Aaahhhh. The feeling was awesome. I jumped towards my bed. 

Father cried "I have something for you, my son"

"I will be pleased to have, but after a sound sleep"

He agreed.
The sleep was just ummaahhh. Someone greeted "Good Morning". That was my father. He offered me a gift. Yes my gift (he is caring). With this he provided with 3 statements that I had seen last night. 

"Don't let your feet stop just by seeing your destination. Go on till you achive it."
I was able to relate.

He continued "Don't loose hope. Desperate people are not meant to live" Great words.

"Be independent. You aren't born to cry but to embrace the problem" My morning inspiration. Loved these quotes.

This was the start of my day and future life. Much more situations than expectations were waiting for me. Definately those are great as well. But don't have time to share them. Soon will update.

© Copyright 2018 Sdeshwal. All rights reserved.

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