Lucifer Romance

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



You say you love me now??? Is it only because the feel of the warm pistol on the side of your face makes you feel uncomfortable. Please dont panic!! I understand waking up 4am from a loud bang, bed soaked in blood and the woman you just was with a few hours ago has a shotgun blow to her head… And you make think I’m crazy. But I can say you haven’t seen my crazy yet


Before you take your last breath did you remember when you hit me that day,  And you promise you will never do that, Well to get it off my chest I was waiting for you to come out the bathroom so that I can empty a whole round in you,  It brings tears to my eyes but you have to understand that I truly love you with all my heart ,  But what was your reason for causing me pain. When she touched you did you like it?


I heard that she treated You better than I have ever treated you,  And you was getting married soon we'll Take a look at her now do you still love her now?? Is she still beautiful…  Is she still your new wife???



You don't have to be lost in a love that you don't believe exist. Just remember that I'm here I have always loved you but I  wonder do you feel the same feelings I feel for you. Can't leave because I'm cursed, In fear don't know when they going to take me,  So I'll enjoy while it last I am so afraid But it's your love that keeps me here I realized my mistakes

I’m sorry for all this but If we're all dying Should I end it?  I'll die with you my love, Now before we go may god bless your soul because if we see each other again I promise you I'll make your life a living hell again…  




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