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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



The tree in the pristine forest; was laden with overwhelming quantities of succulent berry and rhapsodic fruit,

The fathomless expanse of barren sky; was laden with an enchanting conglomerate of seductively silken clouds,

The flower extruding from the delectable farm; was laden with bountiful petals; blossoming into a myriad of tantalizingly colorful forms,

The incomprehensibly huge dictionary; was laden with a battalion of exquisite words; explicitly portraying infinite situations of pragmatic life,

The magnificently shimmering egg; was laden with life yielding yolk; which evolved over a period of time into a mesmerizing offspring,

The trajectory of the majestically swirling ocean; was laden with a festoon of voluptuously undulating waves; spraying profusely handsome salt on the rocks as well
as the shores,

The toweringly colossal mountains; were laden with bed sheets of ingratiatingly scintillating ice; cascading into waterfalls of melodious froth as the Sun flamed
to its full shine,

The boisterously swarming beehive; was laden with golden honey; dribbling in splendid harmony towards chocolate brown territories of soil,

The grandiloquently striped flamingoes perched on the river banks; were laden with a sheath of fabulously satin feathers; propelling them to soar like a pompous
prince in the sky,

The flamboyantly escalating fire; was laden with a flurry of poignant flames; which profoundly illuminated the morbidly dreary and starless night,

The incredulously oligarchic castle; was laden with scores of intricately alluring furniture; an extravagantly jeweled throne on which sat the crown king,

The framework of articulately dexterous bones; was laden with rubicund layers of flesh; granting it thereby the formidable tenacity to surge forward in unprecedented exuberance,

The valiant landscape of the pugnacious battlefield; was laden with innumerable soldiers; ready to sacrifice their life any instant for the sake of their revered motherland,

The boundlessly glistening blackboard; was laden synchronized lines of raw chalk; portraying vital points of survival to earnestly learning students,

The robust periphery of tongue; was laden with gallons of euphoric saliva; instilling in it tangy traces of exotic taste,

The fathomless land of the desert; was laden with infinite tons of stupendously sparkling sand,

The flamboyantly vivacious calendar; was laden with an armory of months and dates; candidly divulging the extraordinary rapid unveiling of time,

The dome sculptured crystalline scalp; was laden with silken curls of voluptuous hair; which imparted a compassionate cushioning against repugnantly vindictive blows,

The profoundly impregnable conscience; was laden with optimistically enlightening ideals; that provided astronomical tenacity to the persona to ecstatically
plunge forward in life,

And the passionately palpitating heart; was laden with invincible love; which kept proliferating towards the sky as the seconds unfurled; kept getting more and
more fortified with each stroke of palpable existence.

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