Lead Life Like A Man

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Drink like a rabbit, gently lapping at water cascading from white water springs of the mountain,

Sleep like a demon, snoring thunderously without even moving a whisker to the most lethal of dynamite explosion,

Perspire like a bull, slogging it hard under the steaming rays of the Sun,

Dance like a peacock, spreading your feathers to a full plumage under
exotic outbursts of rain,

Smile like a wild chimpanzee, snaring your snow white teeth without being the slightest overwhelmed by your surroundings,

Run like kangaroo, traversing the dense foliage of the jungle, taking 10 strides at a time,

Scratch like a red ant, resurrecting your destroyed cocoon every next second,

Sing like the Nightingale, inundating every barren spot in vicinity with the ecstatic melody in your sound,

Cry like a crocodile, shedding tears as gargantuan as the cloud on every area
you tread,

Sting like a scorpion, piercing supple and innocuous skin with the venomous
poison in your fangs,

Talk like a parrot, chattering incessantly as misty wisps of air and the aroma of delectable food struck you in entirety,

Roar like a lion, waking up every entity sleeping blissfully, with a single growl
of yours,

Smell like the roots, emanating a voluptuously raw odor, just after the first spells of rain,

Stand like an elephant, weathering each storm trying to blow you with enviable ease,

Dream like an angel, exploring the most wildest regions around the globe with  rampant frenzy,

Shiver like a goose, with infinite strands of hair standing up in animation, on the snow,

 Slaver like a dog, greedily protruding out your tongue panting passionately for water,

Bathe like the dolphins, diving acrobatically into the sapphire sea's, with your body engulfed completely by the majestic waves,

Chew like a cow, slowly munching your meals with rejuvenated gusto,
Scamper around like a squirrel, leaping friskily on the myriad of dangling branch,

Fly high like the eagles, flapping your wings exuberantly with the cotton cocoon of clouds gliding past your hair,

Kick like a donkey, swinging your legs viciously towards those who tried to disturb your concentration,

Lick like a cat, sucking every droplet of milk from the steep edged bowl,

Yawn like the hippopotamus, candidly announcing your desire to sleep to even mortals buried in their corpses,

Scream like the dinosaur, with a single echo of yours silencing all commotion in
this world,

Stare like the mammoth whale, making your opponent blink a thousand times,

Hear like a fox, detecting the most inconspicuous of sound, coming to know of your adversary, before it actually commenced to attack,

Laze around like the tortoise, not bothering to poke out your head even in the
most scorching of Sunlight,

Shine like the stars, punctuating the eerie darkness of the night with your spellbinding glimmer,

Burn like fulminating lava, igniting the most lackluster of individual with the ardor in your flames,

Dig like the mice, making your burrow in loose mud at lightening speeds,

Hide like the reptile, evading all traces of light existing in the Universe,

Peck like the woodpecker, chiseling your way through the most obdurate of
wooden log,

Crawl like the spider, mystically weaving your way across the strands of the
flimsy web,

Swish like a zebra, moving your tail to wade away the most minuscule of fly buzzing intermittently around your nose,

Eat like a pig, greedily gobbling even the tiniest of toffee wrapper loitering on the road,

Change color like a chameleon, adapting yourself furtively to virtually any surrounding you go into,

Hunt like the vultures, hideously diving down and capsizing your prey,

Be wise like the owl, prudently opening your eyes in the dark as well as stringent light,

Care like the lioness, protecting your child from the faintest signs of evil
lurking around,

Enjoy like the otters, having a party of beans and raw wine well past after midnight,

Explore like the panther, mercilessly paving your way through the remotest corner of the forest,  

Love like God, annihilating the word discrimination forever from your
adulterated brain,

And lead life like a man, wandering and discovering; struggling and romancing, dreaming and working to transform all your dreams; as well as those of several
around you into an immortal reality.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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