Learn To Altruistically Sacrifice

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Compassion; I can understand was extremely indispensable; so that it always felt the most invincible organism alive; so that it remained close to your befriending chest; in the midst of this treacherously pulverizing planet,

Laughter; I can understand was unassailably indispensable; so that it never ever stagnated in the coffins of despicable solitariness; so that it perennially felt that life was an unconquerably cheerful flower; blossoming in your arms,

Literacy; I can understand was peerlessly indispensable; so that it was articulately well versed with the pro's and con's of inexplicable existence; so that it could walk shoulder to shoulder with tomorrows contemporarily eclectic society,

Food; I can understand was victoriously indispensable; so that it's veins indefatigably evolved into fresh blood; so that its tiny buds of arms and legs; spawned into handsome pillars of unflinching solidarity; one fine day,

Schooling; I can understand was ubiquitously indispensable; so that it triumphantly broke shackles of rustically bohemian homeliness; so that it slowly and painstakingly learnt the norms of a well-mannered and cultured civilization,

Music; I can understand was eternally indispensable; so that it rejoiced forever to the tunes of divinely mother nature; so that its inevitably frazzled brain remained timelessly rejuvenated,

Play; I can understand was poignantly indispensable; so that it perpetually floated in the silken mists of innocuous mischief; so that it forever and ever and  ever remained wholesomely oblivious and far away; from the politics of fetid manipulation,

Humanity; I can understand was impregnably indispensable; so that it was tirelessly apprized of the greatest religion on planet earth; so that it was interminably acquainted with its most pricelessly inimitable rudiments,

Enlightenment; I can understand was unshakably indispensable; so that it remained inspired to the most unprecedented limits even when the world seemed to abruptly end; so that it learnt to get up as quickly as it haplessly fell,

Gifts; I can understand were beautifully indispensable; so that it always felt infallibly cared for; so that it unceasingly gallivanted like the crown prince; a status it unstoppably deserved,

Concentration; I can understand was wonderfully indispensable; so that it learnt that true dedication could melt even the most uncouthly obdurate of stones; so that it inexhaustibly strived towards perfection and its ultimate philanthropic goal,

Exercise; I can understand was bounteously indispensable; so that it exuberantly utilized the nonchalantly idle limbs in its body; so that it ecstatically pumped in fresh blood and breath into its majestic form,

Revision; I can understand was indisputably indispensable; so that it never forgot the
quintessential aspects of life; so that it holistically adhered to the most sagaciously effulgent principles of existence,

Adventure; I can understand was jubilantly indispensable; so that it recharged every of its nerves with the spirit of the magnetically uncanny; so that it ebulliently crept through the inscrutably subliming treasures of mother earth,

Signature; I can understand was celestially indispensable; so that it perseveringly learnt to find its own identity; so that it embraced the winds of independence with unassailably unfettered integrity,

Sweat; I can understand was royally indispensable; so that it realized that hard work was the sole path to success; so that it forever stayed away from insidious charlatans of destiny and charts of its palmistry at birth,

Empathy; I can understand was unchallangably indispensable; so that it learnt that the greatest power on this earth was that of brotherhood; so that it learnt to commiserate with all those in intransigent trauma and pain,

Truth; I can understand was irrefutably indispensable; so that it always saw an unconquerably unprejudiced mirror of its ownself; so that it harmoniously
disseminated the ideals of peace and righteousness to one and all; till its very last breath,

Love; I can understand was cardinally indispensable; so that its tiny heart was forever replete with the mantra of symbiotic unity; so that it towered above every single element of this Universe and in the flames of faithful belonging; even after an infinite
But more importantly than anything; if you wanted to give all of the above and an infinite more good in its impeccably iridescent upbringing; then if nothing else; you first and foremost have to learn to altruistically sacrifice; which is infact the other
name of successfully nurturing; harnessing; and bringing up your child.

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