let true love remain immortal

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Change irascible hatred; into bountiful winds of benevolence,

Change hideously horrendous entities; into marvelous rainbows inhabiting the animated skies,

Change disgustingly abominable decay; into an overwhelmingly fragrant festoon of pearls; cascading from the cosmos,

Change morbidly debilitating blindness; into stupendously optimistic beams of fresh light,

Change baseless chapters of mocking incoherence; into exquisitely grandiloquent mirrors; as articulate as framework of God's language,

Change perilously obese; into a robust complexioned fountain of blissful health and celestial happiness,

Change the precariously menacing edge of knife; into a golden carpet of profusely glistening silk,

Change the frigidly soggy matchstick melting like a pack of cards; into an audaciously valiant warrior; sacrificing his every belonging for his divinely motherland,

Change the solitarily dilapidated pool of fetid water; into a garden of incredulously rejuvenating and poignant tea leaves,

Change the pertinently buzzing parasitic mosquito; into a charismatically dainty fairy; leaping with exultation on the satiny cushion of paradise,
Change the agonizingly traumatized volcano's; into placid fountains of impeccable peace,

Change the garbage deluged gutter; into a fabulously redolent rose; blossoming into untamed exuberance every unfurling second,

Change the miserably dwindling and hopeless leper; into a royal eagle soaring majestically through crimson clouds,

Change the utterly dilapidated speck of battered stone; into the unfathomably luxurious castle; glistening splendidly under fiery rays of Omnipotent Sun,

Change the cowards who were ungainly dumb; into boisterously delectable and
lion hearted humming bees,

Change the viciously twisted pathways; into enchanting tunnels leading to the absolute summit of paradise,

Change the diabolically blood sucking devils; into philanthropically benign beings; disseminating the true splendor of mankind,

Change the perfidiously plotting heart; into a perpetual epitome of ultimate belonging,

Change the manipulatively corrupt and dead soul; into the most wonderful gift called; priceless humanity,

But O! Almighty Lord; let true love; remain immortal forever and ever and ever and ever.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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