Let Your Heart

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Let your eyelids flutter viciously; flirting with all the mesmerizing beauty encapsulated in this Universe to the most unprecedented limits,

Let your sweat dribble profusely down your nape; basking the true glory of assiduous perseverance and the true spirit of life,

Let your throat sing till fathomless infinity; inundating the morbidly gloomy atmosphere with exuberant beats of pulsating music,

Let your nose smell till the most remotest corners of this planet; inhaling the most ravishing scent harbored by mother nature,

Let your feet gallop in untamed exhilaration; embossing a path of irrefutable triumph on every soil they tread,

Let your fingers write to most unsurpassable boundaries of creation; penning down the myriad of enchanting shades in cosmotic space,

Let your lips uninhibitedly smile; profoundly relish the glorious sights; which the Omniscient Lord had bestowed upon this earth with,

Let your teeth inexorably chew; savor the most tantalizingly succulent fruits of nature in their impregnable grip,

Let your cheeks overwhelmingly blush to a poignant crimson; compassionately rekindle the diminishing urges of your dying skin,

Let your tongue speak to its ultimate hearts content; effusively portraying its most candid emotions; as white thunder pelted down ferociously from the skies,

Let your hands wander indefatigably through the silver sands; groping for that stupendously reinvigorating cool that voluptuously incarcerated within,

Let your mind fantasize incessantly beyond the skies; unrelentingly exploring all the divinely goodness that could ever have been conjured on earth,

Let your hair ecstatically embrace the ravishing breeze; dance in rhapsodic fervor as each instant of time unveiled,

Let your blood flow faster than the speed of light in your veins; making you feel boisterously alive; even countless centuries after death,

Let your eyebrows bounce and fall ardently on your forehead; insurmountably relish the tunnels of inexplicable intrigue generated,

Let your shadow swirl as turbulently as the majestically undulating sea; entrench the boundless trajectory of the glistening desert; with mystically seductive darkness,

Let your conscience fulminate its inner most feelings; maneuver your countenance through the realms of wrong and right,

Let your soul wander ubiquitously through every cranny of this astronomically colossal Universe; propagate its benign happiness in every entity it encountered,

And let your heart palpitate more thunderously than anything else in this world; besiege even the most uncouth organism in the wave of its immortal passion;
love; love and simply continue to love.

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