Lets Forever Stay; Solely And Only As Immortal Lovers.

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Marriages. Mostly lead to a battalion of unceremoniously shameful expletives; hurled at each other in the very broadest of daylight; and with the sane world outside laughably watching,

Marriages. Mostly lead to severe difference of opinions; which many a times perpetuates the most sadistically gory bloodbath; profusely soaked in the savage devil's voice,

Marriages. Mostly lead to an infinite reproachful frustrations; with either partner unrelentingly tossing and turning in insatiably blood-curling malice; whilst the other slept celestially all throughout the royal night,

Marriages. Mostly lead to unsurpassably unbearable exhaustion; with either partner working unrelentingly and round the clock; to prove it to each other; as to how earnest they were in the process of sustaining indispensable life,

Marriages. Mostly lead to unfoundedly abashing fear; with either partner deplorably crouching down in deteriorating submission; to the other's chauvinistically venomous ways and commands,

Marriages. Mostly lead to unwontedly suicidal situations; with either partner many a times; found at the ultimate crumbling tip of the gigantically steep mountain; or with an inexhaustible barrel of poison in his hands,

Marriages. Mostly lead to wretchedly lambasting mental trauma; as both partners incessantly kept on pinpointing at the congenital weaknesses of the other; without the tiniest of ostensible reason or rhyme,

Marriages. Mostly lead to uncouthly tormenting blackness; as each beam of blazing optimism was brutally and iteratively crucified; as each partner irascibly dug up the obliviously sinful past; as the ultimate panacea to mollify the soul,

Marriages. Mostly lead to the diabolically vindictive coffins of squelching hell; as either partner so maliciously inflicted the same upon their destinies; executing infinite devilishly cursed acts in the tenure of their destined lifetime,

Marriages. Mostly lead to cannibalistically demented war; with each partner surreptitiously harboring the deadliest lethal contraptions of battle; to proclaim the commencement of disastrously consequential fierceness,

Marriages. Mostly lead to that preposterously meaningless court of justice; where the deliverance of an impartial verdict is impossible; as each partner equally shouted till eternity of the torture meted out to him; by the other,

Marriages. Mostly lead to the graveyards of satanically whipping emptiness; as each partner unstoppably surged forward to pursue his/her own goals; whilst miserably floundering to culminate into a heaven of compassionately united love,

Marriages. Mostly lead to perennially sacrilegious hatred; as either partner was pathetically unable to meet upto the expectations of the other; puking abhorrence as the sole vent to express unfinished desire,

Marriages. Mostly lead to flagrantly biased accusations; as either partner pugnaciously blamed the other; for not being able to parent a child; or a boundless other trivially inexplicable issues; of the kind,

Marriages. Mostly lead to hideously cadaverous prison; as either partner inevitably truculently faces the cold-blooded gallows of condemnation; for ruthlessly asphyxiating the other from his/her life,

Marriages. Mostly lead to intolerably criminal isolation; with either partner hail and heartily  present at centimeters from each other; but yet preferring to wantonly stare into open space for hours immemorial; rather than amiably talk,

Marriages. Mostly lead to ignominiously incarcerating slavery; with either partner having to stoop down to the most inhumanitarian limits; and dementedly lick each ounce of grime on cold ground; to bring a smile of utter dictatorship to the other,

Marriages. Mostly lead to salaciously malevolent betrayal; as either partner at some or other stage in his/her life; gleefully absconded with the partner of his/her choice; overwhelmingly fed-up with the robotically dictatorial relationship,

So sweetheart! . Lets forever discover even the most inconspicuous aspects of our personalities with unabashedly endless fervor. Lets forever unite our priceless souls in the bonds of compassionate love; liberating it for all responsibilities. Lets forever stay;  solely and only as the most Immortally embracing of lovers.

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