Job Done!

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How would you give advice to someone struggling, would you encourage them and push them to do their best are would you do the opposite. How about pushing them off the cliff and telling them it's
better to die, would they do it or not?

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



This boy with golden sad eyes stared at me with a desperate plead. Why me I wondered? A tear shed down his plump red cheeks. So sweet and pure he looked, but a dark aura surrounded him. 

I asked,  "why so sad"

His eyes pierced into my soul, his voice cracked and gentle words escaped his mouth.
"I'm useless, and stupid no one loves me"

A smile appeared on my face, and I patted his head and said
"You are useless and worthless to be alive, wouldn't it be easier if you die"

He was shocked to hear bitter words, his eyes glowed with fear yet at ease. 
"will you die with me then," he said nervously 
"I will help you die instead, don't worry I'll be with you" I said

He ignored my help and said another time and walked away. I was pissed and didn't want it to end, I followed him and caught him waiting for the street light. At that point, I knew it was time for his end. 

"What beautiful eyes you have, but what a pitiful soul you contain," I said bitterly. My hands grasped his shoulders tightly and the pain appeared on his face, I pushed him forward towards the street and before you knew it, he was flying through the air. He was bleeding on the floor with broken bones. Yet laughter only escaped my mouth. I complimented myself and said "another job done" 

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