Mariner's Canon: Supernova

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Chapter 25 (v.1) - Chapter 25

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Submitted: June 27, 2018



He floated for a moment, then landed on wood planks. It was so dark his eyes hurt. He hated the dark, but sent out his other senses. He waited to hear Dark Matter shifting around him, anything. But, all he heard was the faintest sound of wind blowing. It was like he was hearing it through a closed window. He held his swords out, prepared to defend himself, though he wasn’t sure from where. He took a few steps forward when he realized the floorboards didn’t feel like floorboards anymore, even in his boots.


He bent down and blindly reached a hand to the ground to find it had changed to unevenly paved stone. He felt his stomach leap to his throat. Maybe Ix’s arrow was intercepted again, like how he ended up at the pyramids. He stood and was on even more alert. He took another step then realized how much of a dummy he was. He had a power that was literally called Supernova and shot beams of light. Why in the seven seas wasn’t he smart enough to use it like a flashlight?


He wanted to punch himself in the face, but he sheathed the swords in his right hand and concentrated Supernova into his palm. As his hand started to burn and glow, he realized it was a tad easier to control as he sustained it in his hand. It was easier to hold it there than it was to blast it out like he always had. With a combination of screwing around with arm wrestling and with Ix’s help, he finally like he was accomplishing something. He still couldn’t see anything around him, so he urged the light a little brighter. He held out his hand and took a step. Luckily, he sensed it just in time.


A greatsword came swinging at his head from behind.


He quickly turned and parried the blade away with the two katanas in his left. He held out his light to see, but now no one was there.


“C’mon, Dark Story. Quit hiding in the dark,” Tetch called out. He kept Supernova bright in his hand but drew his other two swords.


“Here, there is no light. You do not belong,” Tetch heard the monotone voice. It sounded like it was coming from in front of him, but he still couldn’t see anything, despite how bright his hand was. The air around him was murky and cloudy.


“Pyxis Nautica has slipped into the shadows. He must feel very much out of place,” Dark Story said in the dark.


“Yes, because you clearly are an expert on feelings,” Tetch called out.


The next moment, another swing of a sword came from his left. He spun around and directed the blow away with a sword. Dark Story vanished again before Tetch could strike back. The assassin was just messing with him.


“What did you intend to do once you got in here?” Dark Story asked.


“What do you mean in here? As far as I know, you were attacking a home of mine, and all of my friends and family. I’m just here to exterminate the pest problem.” Tetch slowed his breathing and listened for movement around him.


A sword came at Tetch from behind again. He turned to block, but there was more power in the swing this time, and Tetch took a few steps back in response. He held up his katanas in a cross as the greatsword pushed at him, and Dark Story’s face finally appeared just inches from his. The glow in Tetch’s hand illuminated Dark Story’s eerie gold eyes. He still had a black bandana covering the lower half of his face, but the scorched scars around his eyes looked much more brutal up close. It looked like he couldn’t even open an eye all the way from the scar tissue. His black hair draped over his forehead, all the black coverings around his face made it look like he was just a floating pair of eyes in darkness, even with Supernova blaring.


“You look like you could use some skincare,” Tetch noted. “Sunblock is definitely not my thing, I like to get as much vitamin D as possible. But, some people really do need it. And, sorry to break to you, but you look like you’re one of those people,” Tetch said as he held his adversary at bay. The steel of his blades scraped against whatever Dark Story’s shadow blade was made of.


Dark Story pushed his sword into Tetch harder, and Tetch took a step back.


“A few more steps, and you are right where I need you,” Dark Story mumbled monotonously.


“Why do bad guys always divulge their evil plans?” Tetch let out a chuckle. “It’s like you guys want the good guys to win.”


With that, Tetch felt his hand grow hotter, and he focused on the balance between the two opposing forces in his power. He felt strength surge through his arms, and the next moment he was shoving Dark Story as easily as pushing open a door. Dark Story stumbled back, and his sword dropped from Tetch’s. Tetch blasted out beams of light at Dark Story and trudged forward. Clearly Dark Story wanted him to go one way in this darkness, so Tetch thought it’d be better if he went the other way.


The blast completely illuminated Dark Story for a moment, and the Ninja-Man grunted from the super-powered light hitting his sword he held out in front of him. In the light, Tetch thought he’d see more of where he was, but all he saw was a clear line between wooden floorboards and uneven stone floor below Tetch’s feet. Tetch wasn’t sure what that was about. If he was on a Shadow Craft, stone flooring wasn’t exactly sea-friendly. He continued to trudge towards Dark Story and kept a constant beam emitting from his hands and through the points of his swords. The light drilled into Dark Story as Tetch crossed over to the wood planks.


“In this much darkness, light is going to be so much brighter,” Tetch called. He kept pushing forward and Dark Story was slowly inching back, until the darkness seemed to lessen.


Tetch hesitated when he realized a step he took brought him out of the complete darkness. The next moment, he realized he could see around him. He really was standing on a Shadow Craft now. The shadowy mirage wood surrounded him, and a few Dark Matter were aimlessly scurrying across deck. Real sunlight was trying to push through the dark clouds surrounding the ship.


Forgetting that he was supposed to be pushing a messed up darkness-loving assassin away, he turned to look behind where he came from to only see a mast of the ship, with a darker shadow from the sail creeping across.


In the half second Tetch took to look away from Dark Story and at the mast, the assassin side-stepped the beam of light and sent a blast of shadow from his sword at Tetch. Tetch sensed it coming and turned. Deep down he knew it wouldn’t make much a difference, he was going to get hit, but he held out his swords to block. Tetch braced himself to feel the force of the blast like he did last time, but to his shock,he watched the shadow sort of slip down his swords and into his glowing hands. It was like the light swallowed the shadow whole. Tetch stood wide-eyed for a moment, and Dark Story stopped his blast and stood unmoving. The assassin obviously wasn’t one to show emotion, but the little feat seemed to catch him off-guard, too.


Tetch then started shaking his hands, like he was trying to flick off a booger. “Gross! I got darkness on my hands! It’s probably inside me!”


Dark Story didn’t react, and Tetch used his freakout as a distraction. He let Supernova engulf himself completely, and then he let it out one ginormous blast of energy.


He shut his eyes, so as to not completely roast his own corneas, and felt Supernova rage outward. He clenched his teeth tight together to withstand the million degrees of fire burning away every part of him. His breathing quickened. Just when he couldn’t hold it any longer, he pulled Supernova back in.


He breathed heavily like he couldn’t get air fast enough, and took a knee to wait for his breathing to even out. He felt like he ran four marathons. As he caught his breath, he opened his eyes to look around and examine damages he hoped he caused.


Bad news: the Shadow Craft was still afloat. Good news: barely.


Better news: There was no Dark Matter around, and from what Tetch could tell, no sign of Dark Story. Tetch hoped he burned Dark Story to a crisp and he’d never see him again, but of course, that would be too good to be true. He had vanished, otherwise there’d be a smudge of crispy assassin on the floorboards.


The craft was in shambles, and the the surrounding clouds were starting to fade. Tetch could see outside the ship, and the icy wind started to hit his face.


“Shadow Craft, ho!” Tetch heard Anemsis’s voice shouting from past the stern of the disintegrating Shadow Craft. Tetch turned to see the Sabiduría sailing towards him, and Anemsis calling out from the Crow’s Nest. That ship was a sight for sore eyes. Yeah, Kaizoku Stone was great and everything, but the Sabiduría was home.


Tetch already wanted to take a nap, but he almost always wanted to take a nap. He carefully navigated across the Shadow Craft, the floorboards really weren’t solid anymore. He climbed up a crumbling mast and grabbed a rope. The Sabiduría was sailing next to his shipwreck now, so he took a huge swing across and landed on the floorboards of his own favorite ship.


“Well done, troublemaker,” Renore said. She nudged him hard as he straightened himself up from his landing on deck.


“Thank you, thank you very much.” He did a mock bow. Renore rolled her eyes and playfully punched his arm before walking away. Other crew members acknowledged him, grinning and welcoming him back aboard the ship. Striker mumbled annoying git, but Tetch caught him smiling. Lars didn’t say anything, but he nodded approvingly. Tetch looked around to see the carpenters at Kaizoku really went to work on the ship. It looked almost good as new, despite the hasty departure.


“Glad to have you aboard, Tetch,” Ferdy called from the helm. He looked a little more rested, despite the worry riddled across his face that he tried to hide. But, he was smiling, and that was something Tetch always appreciated.


“Good to see you, Captain,” Tetch smiled.


“What happened with our visitor?” Ferdy asked.


Tetch shrugged. “He bolted when I kind of destroyed his ship. How’s Kampen?”


“Angry, but his usual anger. He will be alright,” Ferdy said. “Imagine’s arrow seems to have helped him, he is on the mend.”


Tetch exhaled with relief. “Good to hear. Where are we headed?”


Jengo came from the bow of the ship, and Tetch turned towards him. “We aren’t sure just yet,” he said. “Waiting for Imagine to get back. She told us to head out of Kaizoku as quickly as possible, and be prepared to fight on our way out. But, it’s only been a few Dark Matter. From what Anemsis could see, the Dark Matter seemed to have been drawn to that Shadow Craft you were on, and your Supernova took care of most of them.”


Tetch didn’t realize he had blasted that much. But, he shrugged.


“So where’s Ix?” he asked.


Before anyone could answer, a bright flash of purple exploded in the middle of the main deck. Tetch covered his eyes from the violet light for a moment, and when the light faded, Ix was lying on the floorboards with Dark Matter pinning her down.


Tetch had the fast reaction speed, and had two katanas drawn and decapitating the Dark Matter before anyone else even took a breath. The creatures disintegrated immediately, and Ix stayed lying on the floorboards with her eyes wide and breathing heavily.


“Ix? Are you alright?” Tetch asked. He held his swords protectively around her. “Where were you?”


“I’m fine,” she said as she hastily stood. “Was trying to help draw away Dark Matter, but it seems you took care of it.”


Tetch shrugged.


“Regardless, we have to leave. Now,” Ix said in a rush. “He will be back. He knows you’re here now, it’ll be much easier for him to return.”


“We are en route, Imagine,” Ferdy called. “We’re on fair winds for the Sabiduría to reach its top speed away from base.”


Ix shook her head. “That’s still not fast enough.”


“What should we do?” Tetch lowered his swords. “He wants me, right? Teleport me away. Pull his attention away. Then teleport me back when the ship’s in the clear.”


She shook her head again. She started to pace the deck. “No. Too dangerous for you, for everyone, if you get separated.”


Ix shook her head. “We’ll stick with my original plan. Save your strength, Tetch. I won’t have power to heal for a time. I’ll probably be out for a. . .while.” She then started climbing up the mast to the Crow’s Nest.


“What does that mean?” Tetch called after her.


She didn’t respond. She climbed into the Crow’s Nest, and the next moment, Anemsis slid down on a rope.


“What is she doing up there?” Tetch asked Anemsis.


Anemsis pursed her lips. “Jengo, is she doing what I think she’s doing?”


Jengo nodded. “Crew, secure what you can of the ship, and grab hold of something sturdy!”


“What in Kraken’s tentacles is going on?” Tetch asked as he waved his arms around. The crew ignored him (you’d think he’d be used to that by now) as they scrambled across deck securing cannons and tying things down.


“Tetch, get a hold of Saka!” Ferdy called from the helm. He was soon calling orders across deck with Jengo, too. They were to secure everything.


Tetch was starting to get an idea of what Ix was planning, and he wasn’t sure how he felt about it. But, he had other things to worry about. He let out a loud whistle for Saka, and not a moment later, his dog came barreling up from below decks.


“Hey, boy!” Tetch said. He then led Saka to the stairs and crouched next to the railing. He put one arm around Saka, and the other around a post on the stairs.


He looked up to the Crow’s Nest to see Ix take a very brightly glowing blue arrow, and jab it into her arm. The weird blue lightning flickered across her skin, and she then took the other eighteen arrows out of her quiver. They all started to glow bright purple.


“Hang on!” she called out. All eighteen arrows were in her fist, and she managed to pull the string back with them. How she did that, Tetch had no idea. It seemed to be a nice little trick as result of her Atmosian power.


The next moment, she let the arrows go into the sky. They floated up for a short moment then fell in a rain of arrows. All eighteen landed in different parts of the wood of the ship. They strategically landed with equal distance from each other across the vessel. Not one hit a crew member. They started to glow brighter, then everything was glowing purple. Ix was teleporting the entire Sabiduría.


Tetch shut his eyes in the bright purple light and felt himself free fall. He held onto the railing harder, and kept a strong grip around his dog. The floating lasted for a few short seconds, then he felt himself slam back into the stairs, and gravity came back. The Sabiduría thrashed back onto water, and waves crashed over the sides. The rest of the crew held tight, and the ship creaked.


Tetch then realized the Sabiduría was still thrashing on the waves, despite that the purple glow was gone and the arrows had faded to black. Rain started to pelt his face. He looked up to see clouds, and a huge strike of lightning blasted across the sky. Those weren’t Shadow Craft clouds, and the lightning wasn’t a freak sign of Dark Story. The sky was a result of Mother Nature.


Ix teleported the Sabiduría into the middle of a hurricane.


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