Mariner's Canon: Supernova

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Chapter 36 (v.1) - Chapter 36

Submitted: July 26, 2018

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Submitted: July 26, 2018



“Are you alright?” Johnny finally broke the silence after what felt like hours since they left the Sabiduría. Tetch wasn’t really sure how long it had been or what time it was, and he didn’t care to find out.


“You look a little. . . seasick,” Johnny looked at him with concern as he continued to row the boat onward.


“I’m okay,” Tetch lied. He swallowed hard and broke his zoning-out stare. Sitting there in silence was about all he could do without going completely mad. The night was chilly, and he was trying to keep warm by staying in close to the snoring Saka on his lap. It was still cloudy which made it pretty dark, but Tetch could see there was a slight glow coming from the east ahead of the rowboat. Sunrise was slowly coming.


Johnny tried for something else. “That bandana looks good on you.”


Tetch subconsciously reached a hand to his forehead. He wore the red bandana every day, yet he almost always forgot it was there.


“I guess I stole it from you,” Tetch said. He started to untie it. “I’m sure you want it back.”


“No,” Johnny quickly replied. “I mean it, it looks good on you. Keep it.”


“Uh, thanks.”


Johnny tried again. “I watched you fighting with the katanas. . . it was pretty amazing. Not just your swordplay, but how you can move around a crowd. You literally folded in half backwards at one point. You should run away to the circus to be a contortionist,” he joked.


Tetch found himself smirking. “Funny. Ferdy said the same thing to me. Though, I think he said acrobat instead of contortionist.”


“You could do both. Easily,” Johnny mused. He then gestured to the swords on Tetch’s back. “How come you have four now? When did that happen?”


“Uh, I'm not sure,” Tetch answered. “They just doubled on their own a few years ago. I was fighting a horde of Dark Matter alone and got a little overwhelmed. I was pretty banged up. Just when I thought Supernova was about to blow, I felt something else, something that wasn’t Supernova torching my insides. I had this weird sensation of getting stabbed in the gut, it felt so real, but it was in my head. I guess that feeling was the swords punishing me. I suddenly had two swords in each hand. And, like a lot of the dark things that happened in my past, I don’t remember much more than that. Ferdy doesn’t talk about what happened either, I think it scared him more than it scared me.”


Tetch then rubbed his dog’s head as he slept. “I did find Saka as a stray that day, though. I do remember him helping me through it. Emotionally, I guess. Overall, Ferdy thinks I might've gotten too skilled or well-trained with the swords, and they needed to punish me more. And after Ix told me what these were and who they belonged to. . . I wonder if the swords were upset that I was starting to use them better than their real owner did? It’s weird to think a sword has feelings, though. And, I don’t even know if I’m that good with them. I think I only ever do well in a fight because I do it differently. I just. . . I don’t know.”


“That could very well be possible, the idea you’re using them too well. From what Imagine told me and what I’ve learned, Thaynes are touchy things. It's like they have a mind of their own, and are only happy with their real owner.” Johnny looked thoughtful.


They sat for another moment. Johnny rowed onward, and the glow of the morning was slowly becoming more prominent.


“If you and I are from another world, how did we get here?” Tetch finally asked in a whisper.


“Well,” Johnny began, thinking over his words, “the other world was ending, Aether was pulling all life into her shadows. So, Imagine saved you. Imagine can teleport, but she can’t teleport between the two worlds. She took you through the rift at Aether’s island. I'm sure she has mentioned to you she has a mission to follow through with?”


Tetch nodded.


“She never told me all the details,” Johnny admitted, “but saving you was part of it. Maybe she brought you here to save this world? With your power, maybe she knew you could. Or. . . she knows more than she lets on. I don’t know. There’s so many possibilities.”


“But then how did you get here in the first place?” Tetch wondered.


“Honestly. . . I don't know. I actually do remember the other world just a little bit, but I was young. There are many aspects that make these two worlds so similar, I couldn't and still don’t understand the differences. Ferdy's parents were the ones that found me, they figured out there was another world all on their own, but didn't tell anybody.”


“They found you roaming some streets on your own,” Tetch pointed out.


Johnny shrugged. “If you ask me, I think they were looking for me.”


“How did they even find out there's another world in the first place?”


Johnny smirked. “Where do you think Ferdy gets all his smarts from? They’re intelligent and observant people.”


“You never asked Gunn?” Tetch wondered.


Johnny shook his head. “She’s not exactly easy to talk to. All those years of hiding. . . she’s always on edge. I didn’t blame her.”


“But you never wondered?”


“Oh, I always wonder,” Johnny answered. “But, I guess duty always came first. I couldn’t dwell on the past. Adelante.”


Tetch smiled when he heard his brother say his favorite word. But, he had to ask something else. “Wouldn’t knowing what happened in the past help us to figure out the future?”


“In my experience, the past comes up just when we need it,” Johnny said.


Tetch smirked again. He sat for another long moment.


“We’re in a rowboat,” Tetch finally said. Good to state the obvious every once in awhile. “With no supplies, I’ll add, and I think for the first time in a long time, I have no idea where I am at sea. Lost.”


Johnny looked at him sympathetically, and it was then that Tetch realized how exhausted Johnny looked. It was clear Johnny was trying to hide how tired he was, but there were dark circles under his eyes.


“The dagger knows where to go. It wants its owner,” Johnny told him. “I know we’re close.”


“How do you know?”


“I guess I. . .” Johnny thought about it, “I guess I just do. I think wielding the katanas made me feel a little familiar with Thaynes. It’ll probably work for you, too.”


“Have you encountered other Thaynes?” Tetch drilled.


“You could say that.” Johnny looked like he was ready to explain.


“You know what, I don’t want to know,” Tetch interrupted him. “One world-shattering issue at a time. You can tell me about it later.”


Johnny’s face softened. “Okay.”


Tetch gave a stern nod.


“Now, if you think the dagger will work for me,” Tetch gestured to the oars, “then let me row. You need to sleep.”


“I’m alright.” Johnny was clearly lying.


“Johnny,” Tetch growled, “switch places with me and let me row. Or, I will personally escort you to Davy Jones’ locker and then pull you out by your nose hairs.”


Johnny cracked a smirk. “Well, that’s one way to threaten someone.”


“Well, you do have long nose hairs,” Tetch snarked.


Johnny instinctively put his fingers to his nose, a little horror swept across his face.


“I do not,” he argued. He looked genuinely appalled.


“For the love of. . .” Tetch slid Saka off his lap gently to the bottom of the boat. “Just switch with me.”


Johnny put his hands up in surrender, and switched places. He got next to Saka, who only woke up for half a second while they switched before falling back asleep.


“Here.” Johnny held out the dagger that was still wrapped up in a bandana. Tetch took it gingerly.


“How does it work?” Tetch asked. He tucked it in his belt.


“Just keep rowing,” Johnny told him. “You’ll figure it out. And please, wake me up if anything strange happens.”


“A lot of things classify as strange,” Tetch told him.


Johnny smirked one more time and then got himself comfortable in the bottom of the boat next to Saka. He was asleep as soon as his head was down.


“Falling asleep in .2 seconds must run in the family,” Tetch said to himself.


He then started to row, and felt a tug at his belt. He looked down thinking he’d see the dagger doing something weird, but it was still wrapped in the bandana and unmoving. He kept rowing and kept feeling the tug, but the dagger wasn’t visibly moving. Tetch knew where to go. He couldn’t explain it, the dagger felt like an extension, like how his four swords were extensions to his limbs when he fought. He didn’t get it, but he didn’t understand his own swords or Ix’s bow either.


His heart sank when he thought about Ix. She had done so much for him, and he was completely useless in trying to return the favor. She was smart, and he knew she was good at taking care of herself, but Aether had her. Ix was in terrible danger. Now he left his ship and his crew, and they had gone completely scurvy-mad mumbling about some book that Tetch didn’t want to bother to understand. Now here he was, leaving them.


Tetch felt sick after his brief mental freak-out, and stopped rowing. He promptly leaned over the side and barfed. He realized he hadn’t eaten in only Neptune knew how long, so his barf was short-lived.


He pulled himself back into the boat with shaking hands. He was expecting to see that the sound of his retching had woken up Johnny and Saka, but both of them were still passed out. He felt a sharp twang of pain from the gash on his side, and his chest felt tight. He took a second to gather his bearings, took a few breaths, dubbed himself a complete and loathsome wimp, then went back to rowing.

Adelante,” he whispered to himself.

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