Mariner's Canon: Supernova

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Chapter 46 (v.1) - Chapter 46

Submitted: August 12, 2018

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Submitted: August 12, 2018



Tetch was still not a fan of the dark. He felt like he was falling for fifty years, but at least he could feel Johnny and Ix still holding his hands. He panicked, because he realized he didn’t feel Saka’s fur on his leg anymore.


The panic was short lived, because he could see a faint light in the distance. It started growing bigger and bigger at a rapid pace. The light blinded him, then he felt himself slam into a stone floor with a thud.


Ix landed on top of him, and he heard Johnny grunt as he hit the floor nearby. Tetch then heard a familiar squeak of a dog.


“Ah, I’m sorry, Tetch,” Ix said as she got off of him. “Second time I've done that.”


Tetch adjusted and double-checked his swords were still on his back as he sat up. “No worries.”


“Where are we?” Ferdy asked. He was standing up from the stone floor.


Tetch and Ix stood too, and looked around. It took him a second, but Tetch realized they were back in the exact same room, but the rift was circling and oozing black smoke on the ceiling instead of the floor.


“It looks like we didn’t go anywhere,” he said.


Johnny shook his head, and pet Saka who was looking for comfort after floating in darkness. “This island is the only thing that is exactly the same in both worlds. Except here, the hallways don’t shift.”


He pointed to the opening to a hallway. “We go down there, we literally walk out the front door and back to the rest of the island.”


“Then what?” Tetch wondered.


“Uh. . .” Johnny looked thoughtful.


Tetch suddenly felt something tug on his waist. He looked down and completely forgot he still had the dagger wrapped up and tucked in his belt. He pulled it out and unwrapped it. The tanto dagger suddenly flew out of his hand on its own and across the room.


“What the. . .?”


The four of them followed where it went to the corner of the room. There was a wooden door there, one that Tetch hadn’t noticed until now. The dagger stabbed itself into it with a thud.


“I suppose we should see what that is about,” Ferdy said.


“Not creepy at all,” Johnny added.


They walked close to the door, and Ix continued to hold Tetch’s hand tight. She had a slight quiver in her grip.


Johnny got to the door first, and twisted the doorknob. It opened, and easily pushed open. Tetch looked around him, and didn’t expect what he saw.


A girl, maybe two or three years older than Tetch, was lying on a stone altar. There was nothing fancy about the room, it was like the cell they were locked in earlier. She had long raven-black hair, and pale skin. She was wearing a traditional kimono. Her eyes were closed, and she was almost unmoving. Her chest lightly rose and fell.


Ix took a few steps into the room. She put a hand to her mouth, and Tetch realized she started to cry.


Tetch looked to her. “What’s wrong?”


“It’s Jun,” she whispered.


As soon as she said her name, the girl’s eyes flew open. She immediately sat up, and it made Tetch jump. She then turned her head towards them. She had a vacant stare, like she wasn’t all there. She raised out an open hand, and the dagger in the door flew into her grasp.


Once it touched her fingers, her vacant expression melted. Her brown eyes started to fill with life, and she seemed to release her tension. She looked down at the dagger, and traced her fingers across it. She looked back up, then look directly at Tetch.


Arigato,” she said. Tetch knew she said ‘thank you’ in Japanese, because that was the only word he knew in Japanese.


“Uh. . . you’re welcome?” he responded with uncertainty. He and the others were too stunned to say anything.


“Jun?” Ix whispered.


The girl nodded, and she smiled. Ix ran towards her, dragging Tetch, and wrapped her arms around the girl. The two started sobbing and laughing.


Tetch awkwardly tried to stay back, but his hand was still clutched in Ix’s. After a moment, the girls separated, and started speaking in rapid Japanese with each other. Tetch had no idea what they were saying, but he could tell Johnny was trying to follow along.


“Boys,” Ix suddenly said. It took Tetch a moment to realize she was speaking English now. “This is Jun. Rui’s daughter.”


“It is an honor to meet you,” Ferdy felt obliged to say, “but forgive me, I thought. . .”


“I was not dead,” Jun said. Her Japanese accent was thick. “Aether use my head.

She made sure I live.”


“Your head?” Ix asked. “Why did Aether need you specifically?”


Jun spoke in Japanese again. Ix nodded as she listened. After a moment, Ix’s jaw dropped.


“I had no idea,” Ix whispered.


“So, I guess I was right. . .” Johnny muttered quietly. “Guess I just didn’t understand the full extent.”


“Right about what?” Tetch asked.


“Jun’s power,” Ix told him, “that whole world. It’s her power. I knew she was connected somehow. Your run-in in Egypt, that note you got. It was Jun warning us.”


“And when we lost control back on the Sabiduria,” Ferdy said as he realized.


“I don’t understand.”


Johnny spoke. “Her power is that she can control an entire dimension. She built that world, Tetch. I had my suspicions, but I didn’t think an Atmosian existed with that much power. An entire world.”


“Yes,” Jun nodded. She pointed at Ferdy. “I create. He is of my world.”


“Whoa whoa whoa,” Tetch waved a hand. “How in the. . .?”


Jun held her dagger in one hand, but she then pulled something else from under the folds in her kimono. An old leather bound book. When Aether threw it in the black hole, it ended up here.


“Aether has power here.” Jun held up the book. “Found power in here keep me live. Wanted me to be cage. Kept me asleep so she could control my cage.”




Johnny sneered. He was clearly angry. “Aether used you.”


Jun nodded. “She wanted control of my world so she could expand her darkness. Then she try use sun power for more strength to hold. Took death of star power for herself, but it went to right spot instead.” She pointed to Tetch.


“Death of star,” Ferdy repeated. “A real Supernova. Tetch possesses the power of a real Supernova?”


Jun nodded again. “Yes.”


Johnny seemed to nod, too. He knew.


“Apparently that’s possible,” Tetch sighed. He didn’t pay attention to Ferdy’s lessons all the time, but he did find interest in astronomy. And if he remembered correctly, supernova was one of the most energy-filled phenomena in the universe. That wasn’t daunting at all.


Jun pointed to Ferdy again. “I create you, your parents. They fight, as my way to fight Aether. Pirate Affinity as way to hold back Aether. Wanted to protect Johnson, protect Theodore, those two both trapped in my world. I want to help keep them safe. Now they are free, but I wish to keep help protecting. I can only keep one outside of my world, and that is you.”


“I will always protect them,” Ferdy reassured her. He seemed to be perfectly okay with the fact that a seventeen-year-old girl who was supposedly dead over hundreds of years ago had created him like she was a god.


Jun smiled. “Good.”


Ix spoke to Jun again in Japanese, Tetch deducted she was asking her something. When Jun answered, Ix started to cry again. She went in for another hug, and Tetch was awkwardly pulled around the altar again.


Ix pulled away. “She does have to close her world. And she’s closing herself in it. The only way to keep it safe if she keeps herself hidden.”


Jun nodded. “Do not be sad. My time has long passed anyway. I should not be here.”


Ix shook her head, and rattled off in Japanese again.


“Of course you should be here,” Tetch said. “Everyone deserves to live.”


Jun smiled, and bowed her head to him. “Arigato. But must fulfill my duty. My world needs to stay safe. Your crew no longer in danger, and I wish to keep that way.”


Tetch believed her. He wasn’t there to put his crew at risk anymore. Maybe the Affinity didn’t even need to exist anymore. The idea kind of soothed him. That’s what all of those pirates were striving towards. A day when their world didn’t need protectors.


Jun then stood from the altar. She looked over the book that was still in her hand, then carefully handed it to Ix.


“Mission,” Jun said as she looked into Ix’s eyes. “Finish my father’s mission. This not his, but of someone you may remember. Stolen. Aether has stolen this, amongst everything we had. But you this use now.”


Ix nodded as she took the book. “Of course. But, won’t this book curse somebody?”


Jun shook her head. She suddenly had a mischievous smile. “He is still around.”


“In Aether?” Ferdy asked. “I know we have discussed that Atmosians absorbed by Aether still, in a way, lived on through her.”


Jun shook her head again. “That part of Aether is gone. Atmosian strength she stole is gone.”


“At peace?” Ix asked.


Jun considered, then nodded. “Death is peaceful.”


Ix nodded solemnly.


“Theodore has poison still?” Jun asked.


Ix sighed. “Yes. My arrows aren’t enough.”


“Holding my hand seems to be all that works,” Tetch added. He felt useless.


Jun shook her head and pointed a finger into the book. “All Atmosian. All here, of our Earth. Any Atmosian can read and use. Can stop Beast. But, come with price.”


Ix thought about it for a moment, then it looked like an idea came across her mind. “Yes. She’s right.”


“I must leave.” Jun held her dagger tight, and headed towards the door. “Close rift.”


“What about Havoc?” Tetch asked as he followed her.


Jun turned and smiled. “He is with warriors. He is safe, and free.”


Tetch nodded, and continued to follow her with the others. Jun stood under the rift, and turned back to smile at them.


Tetch tried to smile back, but he couldn’t help but think that once she closed that rift, he’d never set sail on the Sabiduría again. Never see the waters sparkle in the sun’s rays. He’d never go through the cold Antarctic waters towards Kaizoku Stone. He’d never sit at the table with other pirate kids like him. He’d never play fútbol on the beach with his crew. Never see Willamar pass out from rum at a tavern. See Anemsis high in the Crow’s Nest. See Striker swing a frying pan at a Dark Matter. See Aurit and Barkley blow up another bug. Watch the steady morning of the crew at work from the helm. See Jengo cross his arms and give him the stern glare. He clutched the new charm around his neck.


“Theodore,” Jun said. She patted her hand over his heart. “They are here. Always.”


Tetch wanted to cry, but he didn’t. He needed to be strong. He couldn’t be selfish anymore. “Thank you. Watch over them.”


Jun nodded. She then gestured to the katanas on his back. “Take care of my brother’s swords, yes?”


“I think they’ve been taking care of me,” Tetch told her.


She smiled again, like the sentiment soothed her. Black tendrils of the cloud then seeped downward and wrapped around her. But, they started to fade. The dark hold on her world was fading. She was engulfed in the smoke. In one fast motion, the smoke caved in on itself and disintegrated, just like the thousands of times Tetch watched Dark Matter vanish. Jun was gone.


© Copyright 2020 Andi May. All rights reserved.


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