Mariner's Canon: Supernova

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Fantasy Realm

Chapter 6 (v.1) - Chapter 6

Submitted: May 24, 2018

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Submitted: May 24, 2018



Theodore played with his food. His french fries flew around the table and his ketchup splattered. He had a fork in each hand. Ferdy sat across from him grinning, and his brother sat next to him.


“Theodore, what are you doing?” Johnny finally asked irritably.


“Captain Fork and Señor Tenedor are fighting to save the lost princess of Patata.” Theodore said matter-of-factly. Ferdy laughed and Johnny rolled his eyes.


Theodore went back to his fork fighting when Jengo came over to the table.


“Is she here yet?” Jengo asked the boys.

Ferdy shook his head. “She should be soon, I’m presuming?”


Jengo nodded back in response. He was about to say something but Theodore had a massive ketchup explosion and Captain Fork ended up on the floor.


“Neptune’s beard, Theodore!” Johnny grunted.


“Senor Tenedor gets the girl.” Theodore took Señor Tenedor and stabbed him into a french fry, and then ate it.


Jengo ruffled Theodore’s hair. “Señor Tenedor seems like a worthy hero.”


“She’s here,” Ferdy then said absently. He looked over Theodore’s head towards the door to the restaurant.


Theodore paid no mind and crawled under the table to save Captain Fork. Just as he was getting back up, he bumped his head.


Tetch groaned. He opened his eyes groggily and rubbed a welt he felt forming on his head. It was then he realized Saka was on top of him and bashed his head into Tetch’s while he was dreaming.


“Saka, really?” Tetch grunted and shoved his dog off his hammock. Saka landed lazily and circled around himself before falling back asleep on the floor.


Tetch sat up and adjusted himself, but froze. He just put all his weight on his shoulder, and it didn’t hurt. It felt sore and a little achy, but the throbbing was gone. He quickly undid the bandage to look and see that the stitches were just about ready to come out. Whatever Kendu had in that weird voodoo tea stuff really did the trick. Tetch made a note to himself to thank Kendu. Still, it seemed weird that it happened so fast. . . He tried to remember what happened before he fell asleep. All he remembered was sitting with Ferdy by the helm. . . and that was it. He didn’t even remember being tired, but here he was sleeping again. And. . . you know what? Whatever. Tetch shrugged it aside and got up from his hammock.


He got all his things together and latched his harness of swords on his back and gave Saka a nudge. The dog groggily stood and the two headed towards the stairs up to the main deck, walking past sleeping and hungover pirates.


When they got up to the main deck, he saw Ferdy and a few others going over a list of things they needed from the market. Jengo was finishing up a sale of the apples on the dock just off the Sabiduría.


“Good morning, Tetch.” Ferdy headed towards him as the crew members took the list and headed into town.


“Uh, hey.” Tetch scratched the back of his head. He wanted to say something to Ferdy about his rapid healing in his shoulder, but he didn't know how without sounding crazy.


“Sleep well? How’s your shoulder healing up?” Ferdy asked absently as Gresham walked past and handed him another list of medications and first aid to pick up.


“Uh,” Tetch hesitated. “It’s healing up really well, the throbbing is gone. Kendu did a good job.”


“Good, good.” Ferdy glanced over the list and handed it back to Gresham who then nodded politely to Tetch. Ferdy then headed for Jengo.


“Yeah. . .” Tetch began to say.


“Coming with to the market?” Ferdy interrupted him.


Tetch hesitated again, but nodded. “Yes, please.” Saka barked in approval.


“No clowning around or unnecessary drawal of attention, though. Please.” Ferdy raised an eyebrow.


“Ha. Yeah, no promises.”


Tetch and Saka followed the captain and Jengo into the market. The two of them then went off to take care of the list, giving Tetch the freedom to check out the market on his own.


A lot of the crews in the Affinity did trading and transporting of goods on the side, so as means to get the supplies they needed. The crews in the Affinity definitely traveled a lot, trading and transporting was an easy and beneficial side job. The Sabiduría did it collectively as a crew, but Ferdy always made sure everyone got a fair share of their own wages to shop and trade as they pleased. Tetch never really spent his money, though. Occasionally he’d get some things to clean or sharpen his katanas, a good snack, or some dog treats for Saka, but he usually gave the rest back to Ferdy or Jengo to use it for the ship.


It was a hot day, like usual on the Mexican Island. Tetch didn’t mind, he had experienced every possible temperature throughout his life, and there were much worse climates in the world. The marketplace was bustling with locals and trading goods like cacao, corn, sugarcane, wheat, bananas, and Tetch’s favorite, ataulfo mangoes. He couldn’t help but stop and buy one.


He loved life at sea, but he really appreciated the opportunities he got to walk on solid ground. It was refreshing to see that other people outside of his crew actually existed. He walked around aimlessly for a while, enjoying the copper-colored plateaus in the distance, the random spurts of moist leaves on trees. Some people recognized he was a pirate and would randomly come up to him and thank him and blah blah. He always felt weird when people did that and it was completely unnecessary. He was just one in the Affinity full of much more heroic pirates. But, he smiled and told them he appreciated them coming to talk to him.


He was about to catch up with Ferdy and Jengo up the road as he headed back for the docks, but a soccer ball rolled in front of him. He looked over to where the soccer ball came from and saw about a dozen kids playing a good ol’ game of fútbol on a clear spot on the beach. He picked up the ball, and saw the Nike logo. Nice ball. A lucky kid got a lucky trade with some traveller somehow.


¿Quieres jugar?” Tetch heard a little voice. He looked up from the ball and saw a kid with a toothy grin standing next to him. The boy looked about seven with black hair that shot out in every direction like Tetch’s.


¿Necesita otra jugador?” Tetch asked if they needed another player.

¡Si!” The kid exclaimed excitedly. “¡Necesitamos una más!” He grabbed Tetch by the wrist and hurriedly pulled him towards his friends.


Some of the kids stared at Tetch with wide-eyes as he got closer. Some were whispering to one another: we get to play with a pirate! Some were oohing and awing at the swords on his back. He let one kid hold one, warning him to be careful. The kids thought it was so cool to see what takes out all the bad guys at sea. Other kids were giggling at Tetch’s Spanish when he spoke, because his accent and pronunciation differed a little from theirs. But, the kids were polite. Soon Tetch sheathed his sword and told the kids he was ready to play some ball.


The toothy kid explained that the other team were all kids that were all fifth graders, and he and his friends were only in third. They needed a big kid to help. Tetch laughed and said he’d play whatever position they wanted him in, and they immediately put him center.


Fútbol was his and the rest of the crew of the Sabiduría’s favorite game. Aside from arm wrestling, of course. Their games got pretty intense whenever they’d set it up on a random beach somewhere. They were all very competitive. Tetch went easy with the kids, but made sure his team kept a small advantage over the fifth graders. Soon Saka ran in and subbed in to play as goalie. The kids thought it was hilarious how good Saka was at it. Tetch had taught him well.


Tetch lost track of time. He was sure he was supposed to meet up with the Captain and Jengo, he should’ve been helping somehow, but this was much more entertaining. The sun was getting lower in the sky, but he could’ve played all through the night.


Eventually, he blocked a kick to the goal and the ball bounced back and rolled into the water. Tetch was about to get it but the toothy kid scampered towards it. Tetch’s heart sank as his instincts were already spotting what was about to happen.


A cloud had drifted in front of the setting sun and cast a long shadow over the water. The kid ran through it chasing after the ball. Tetch drew his swords and bolted after the kid at his peak speed. A Dark Matter growled as it’s claws emerged out of the water, it’s eerie white eyes glowing brightly from under the subtle waves. The monster jumped into the air and was about to attack the kid with it’s dangerous claws, but Tetch was faster. He leaped in front of the kid and took one clean swipe, immediately making the Dark Matter disintegrate. He stood dumbfounded for a moment trying to figure out what just happened, but shook out of his stupor and turned back to the kid. The kid had fallen on his back and was soaked. Tears were welling in his eyes.


“Está bien.” Tetch smiled and tried to comfort the kid. “Que está a salvo ahora.”


The kid hesitantly nodded. Tetch helped him up and gave him his ball. Tetch was still worried about what happened, but he continued to smile. Another one could come at any second. He needed to get these kids away from the water, and he needed to find Ferdy.
He got back to the rest of the kids, and they all looked just as terrified.


“Todos ustedes no se preocupe.” Tetch told them not to worry. “Lo siento, pero todo tiene que ir a casa. Estarás a salvo allí.”


Tetch told them all to get home, they’ll be safe there. The kids were all terrified after watching the Dark Matter come out of the water, so they took a moment before finally moving off the beach. Tetch stayed calm, and continued to smile for them. They waved goodbye, and the toothy kid gave him a quick hug and said gracias, before leaving with his friends. As soon as Tetch saw that they were all clear, he bolted for the docks, with Saka close behind.


“Ferdy!” Tetch shouted through the bustling docks. There were people everywhere, even as it was getting late. He soon spotted Jengo hefting some barrels onto the Sabiduría, and Ferdy was onboard having small talk with a trader.


“Ferdy!” Tetch shouted again. He didn’t even bother to go up the ramp to the ship. He grabbed a rope and swung and somersaulted onboard.


Jengo raised an eyebrow. “That’s one way to board a ship.”


Tetch ignored him. “Captain, there’s something wrong.”


Ferdy excused himself from the gentleman away and turned towards Tetch. “What is it? Destroy a merchant’s booth again with Aurit’s firecrackers?”


“No!” Tetch grunted. “Listen, Ferdy. I was at the beach with some kids and a Dark Matter attacked. I mean, there was a shadow, but it came out of the water. I don’t understand how. Dark Matter disintegrate in water. No clouds. No crafts. I don’t-” His gaze was shifting all over as he rattled on. He finally looked up to Ferdy’s face, and the captain looked like he just saw a ghost.


“Jengo, find the crew.” Ferdy’s shoulders tensed. “We need to leave. Now.”


“Aye Captain!” Jengo immediately obeyed and ran down the ramp and into town.


“What? No!” Tetch stuttered with confusion. “We can’t leave these people. There could be more!”

“We have to, Tetch. I’ve seen this before.” Ferdy started darting across deck preparing it to set sail.


“You’ve seen this before? But. . .”


“Help me prepare to set sail.” Ferdy ordered him hurriedly.


“WAIT!” Tetch shouted. It was rare that he raised his voice like that. Ferdy stopped in his tracks and looked at him. He had fear in his eyes. Tetch didn’t like it.


“What is going on?” Tetch asked with a quieter voice. It shook with worry. “Why are we leaving this island when it is still in danger?”


Ferdy sighed. “I can’t tell you everything. But, she was right. It is time.”


“She who? Time for what?”


Ferdy looked to the sky as if there was a cloud up there that could give him all the answers, or just a way out of the conversation. He took a few breaths and circled around himself, trying to compose himself. He finally looked into Tetch’s eyes and gently put his hands to Tetch’s shoulders.


“This island isn’t in danger. You are. As soon as we leave, the people will be safe, because they will follow you.”


Tetch swallowed. “What?”

Ferdy sighed. His eyes were sunken. “I am going into town to sound the alarm so these people can find shelter until we leave. I will also help Jengo find the crew. And please, Tetch,” Ferdy put his hand to Tetch’s cheek with the utmost of gentleness. “Don’t leave this ship. I am sorry. I cannot explain everything to you, at least not yet.”


“But. . .” Tetch started to say. Ferdy gave a weak smile before turning and dashing to the dock. Tech stood dumbfounded for a long time. It wasn’t until he heard the town’s sirens blaring he finally stirred. He heard the bell in the tower ringing, warning that Dark Matter had been spotted and everyone was to find safety.


He was lost and shaken up, but he knew he needed to stay focused. Ferdy told him not to leave the ship, and this time, he was going to listen.


He leaned over the railing and saw that Ferdy, Striker, and a few others were guiding people into buildings and trying to keep all the people calm. More of the crew was hurriedly coming down the street towards the dock with Jengo. Tetch scanned the crowd, and noticed Saka was following Aurit around, guiding more kids. Once Tetch saw the kids were with their parents, he whistled for Saka. The dog immediately bounded towards the ship.

Tetch wanted to go down and help the crew, but they worked these situations well. He slumped to the floor against the main mast.


Saka began to whimper and nudged his arm. Tetch then wrapped an arm around his dog.

“What’s going on, boy?” he asked quietly as he gazed to the setting sun.


“She found you.”


“Who said that?” Tetch drew his swords in the blink of an eye and stood. His eyes darted across deck, and Saka stood near him just as alert. Tetch thought maybe he imagined it, but Saka clearly heard it too. The voice was just a quiet whisper. He couldn’t tell if it was familiar or not, and it put him on edge. This voice seemed. . .kind. Not like the voice he heard when he was brewing with supernova. But, this voice didn’t belong here.


“Who’s there?!” Tetch demanded again with more authority. He paced around deck. He started to hear clashes of weapons against Dark Matter coming from the docks. The crew was being attacked. He tensed, but reminded himself that they could handle it. He needed to focus on whoever or whatever said that. Did he imagine it, and Saka is just alert because he is? Wouldn’t surprise him. With everything going on, it would make sense if he was losing his mind.


He heard the floorboards creak and he turned with intense speed. He sliced with his blades in his left hand, only for them to harmlessly swipe through the air. His instincts told him there was somebody standing behind him just now, it couldn’t have been his imagination. Saka stood just as rigid, he sensed it too. Tetch breathed slowly and sent out his senses, listening and feeling any shifts in the air, drowning out the sound of his fellow crewmates fighting on the docks. Suddenly, on deck he heard. . . a draw of a bow?


He quickly turned towards the sound and swiped his swords. This time he cut an arrow in half midair and the two pieces skittered harmlessly across the floorboards. He looked up to the helm, the arrow had to have come from there, but he saw no one.

Tetch groaned exasperatedly. “Somebody’s shooting arrows at me now? Why not lasers, fire, bullets, cannonballs, Nerf bullets, and nukes while we’re at it?!?”


Tetch dropped his guard with a whiny and irritated groan. He was tired of this. Naturally, letting his guard down was stupid because he heard another arrow whirring towards him, and he wasn’t prepared enough. An arrow then grazed the right side of his rib cage.


“Gah!” Tetch groaned. The arrow landed into the floorboards behind him and he almost immediately felt warm blood start to trickle down his side, but he turned towards where the arrow came from with his swords ready.


Somebody was standing at the helm.


“Huh?” Tetch mumbled stupidly. He realized his vision started to blur, and he started to feel sluggish. Sure, he got grazed by an arrow, but it’s not like he lost that much blood already.


All he could see was a smeared figure standing a few meters away from him. Smeared skin, smeared. . .cape? A cape? Who wears capes? Vampires. Tetch suddenly had a dumb grin on his face. What’s a vampire doing in the Mexican Island sun? Ha. Vampires. Those aren’t real. Tetch’s brain flopped.


“Finally got you. You’re hard to hit.” The figure spoke in that same kind voice, or at least from what Tetch’s muddled brain could understand.


“Uh umm ho. . . who?” Tetch’s mouth fumbled. It was extremely hard to talk. He was losing the strength to move his mouth to do it. He then started to sway and stumble over his own feet.

He then felt his swords slip out of his hands and clatter to the wood floorboards, his hands too weak to grip them. Something was definitely wrong. He felt dizzy and he still couldn’t make out the figure in front of him. But, the figure seemed to stay still. He then gingerly touched the gash on his side, and only felt a small bit of blood. He then groggily eyed the arrow that grazed him. It took him a second to realize, but now he knew what was wrong. He was drugged. He struggled, but yanked the arrow from the floorboards. It looked like the point was in the shape of a star, but he couldn’t be certain when his vision started to make him see six of everything. His head spun, then he blacked out and slammed face first to the floorboards.

© Copyright 2020 Andi May. All rights reserved.


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