Mariner's Canon: Supernova

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Chapter 9 (v.1) - Chapter 9

Submitted: May 31, 2018

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Submitted: May 31, 2018



"Theodore, you need to pack up your things. We are leaving at high noon today," Captain Ferdy said as he slung his sword on his belt, adjusted the feather in his wide brimmed hat. He headed towards the door of the cabin.


"It’s Tetch," The eleven-year-old said as he rolled out of his bed.


Ferdy rolled his eyes. "Does not make much of a difference. You need to get ready to go. I’ll be in the market with Jengo to do some last minute trading. Be on the ship at high noon, on the dot. You are not allowed anywhere near the woods. If you want to do some trading of your own, that’s fine. No excessive adventuring or any of that nonsense."


Tetch waved him away. "Yeah, yeah. Whatever."


Ferdy closed the door behind him. Tetch strapped on his two katanas in his belt, washed up, and packed the only belongings he had, spare clothes and his lucky bandana. He soon headed out the door and into the chilly wind of the Canadian Island. To the left of him was the town on the shoreline, and to the right was the enormous forest that blew soothing scents of pine in his direction. Of course, he felt the urge to disobey Ferdy and went straight for the forest.

The scene shifted. It was dark, the early morning sun was gone, and he seemed to be lost in the woods. A Dark Matter was on his back, then one was pulling on his hair, another

scratched his face. More Dark Matter shifted in the deep shadows of the trees around him. Tetch soon was on his hands and knees in the mud, his breathing labored and uneven. It was pouring rain, but he didn’t know if he was more soaked in the rain or his own blood. He watched red droplets drip from his face into the wet and soggy ground. He didn’t feel like he hurt anywhere, he was numb, but he knew he was much too injured to move. One katana was sticking up in the mud a few feet away, and the other was stuck in a tree nearby, sticky with tree sap.


He looked up. He figured he was hallucinating, because a puppy sat in the mud just inches from his face. The puppy’s golden fur was covered in dirt and what looked like Beast slime. He didn’t look hurt at all, he just whimpered and leaned closer to Tetch to lick his face affectionately.


Everything shifted again. It stayed dark, but got colder. The katanas were back in Tetch’s hands. He knew his body was enduring excruciating pain, but his brain wasn’t processing it. It wasn’t Supernova, it was too unfamiliar. Tetch closed his eyes. When he opened them, he was cradled in Ferdy’s arms, and he could barely move. The captain had sadness in his brown eyes and was talking, but Tetch couldn’t hear anything he was saying. Tetch looked at his hands to find he had four swords instead of two in them. He rolled his head to look toward the trees again. The puppy was sitting in a clearing, just calmly sitting there. But, Tetch saw there was Dark Matter completely surrounding the helpless animal. He pushed away from Ferdy and bolted to protect the dog, gripping all four swords for the first time. Just as he got there, a Dark Matter slipped from the shadows and it sent its claws straight through Tetch’s gut.



“AH!” Tetch  wheezed as he woke up. He sat up and his gaze darted every which way as he tried to steady his breathing and figure out where he was. He had fallen out of his hammock and was sprawled on the floorboards of the sleeping quarters. He ached everywhere, and he was sure there was a crack somewhere on the right side of his rib cage. He felt like he was getting stabbed with a pen every time he inhaled. He took another few seconds to gather his surroundings when the ship keeled sharply to starboard. He somersaulted up to his feet so he didn’t fumble across the deck, but grunted at the poke in his right side. Well, the sharp shift in the ship explains how he fell out of his hammock.


He heard shouting and metal clanging upstairs, and if the ship was rocking so violently back and forth, the battle up there was probably pretty rough. Heavy Beasts would make it sway. He started towards the stairs but was swept by dizziness. He clumsily sat down on his hammock and decided he needed another second before getting back into the fight. He hoped that the crew didn’t need him right at that moment, and that they were holding their own. He took in a few more shaky breaths.


He had lost track of time. He knew it had only been a few days since they got to the hot spot, and they probably wouldn’t be there much longer. But being this bad of shape already, wasn’t the best sign. Everything blended together and it was fight, fight, fight, fight. . . and then a lot of passing out from exhaustion on deck and then being carried down to his hammock. The one thing he was sure of is that Supernova hadn’t happened at all through the entirety of their time in the hotspot. That particular pain was hard to forget, and hard to blend in with everything else. The long stretch of no Supernova made him feel uneasy.


Granted, Supernova was never really needed in any of the battles. Yeah, there was a constant flow of Dark Matter and one or two Beasts showing up every once in a great while, but the Sabiduría was never overwhelmed. Tetch wanted to believe it was a sign he was controlling Supernova better, but deep down he didn’t feel like he was in control.


As Tetch brewed in his thoughts, Saka came barreling down the stairs. His arrival was followed by a loud BANG!, which Tetch recognized as cannon fire. His dog charged towards him but hesitated when he got close, which Tetch took as the dog analyzing if he should be worried for his master or to tell his master to get off his butt. Finally, Saka went with the latter and nuzzled his hand like Let’s go! Who’s the bum now?


“Alright, alright. I’m coming.” Tetch stood and followed his dog upstairs. He heard another cannon shot. He’d have to worry about his exhaustion and aching bones later. His crew needed him.


"Hold the cannon fire!” Ferdy shouted as Tetch got on deck. “We’re shooting blind! Don’t waste the ammo!"


"Aye Captain!" Willamar replied back. Tetch saw him and the gunners abandon the cannons and were then lost in the fray of the battle.


The deck was flooded with Dark Matter, so much so it was hard to maneuver. But, it looked like the crew was holding their own. Tetch saw Viola and a few others pushing a Beast overboard nearby, and the ship rocked in protest of the heavy thing. Tetch then stuck a sword into the mast and used it to whip himself around the post to slam feet first into a crowd of Dark Matter. Saka promptly lunged at the downed Dark Matter and ripped them apart until they evaporated. Nearby, Jengo hefted his giant ax up in the air, and slammed it down onto another three. Renore appeared from behind a barrel and finished off one Dark Matter that tried to crawl away. Aurit shoved an "upgraded" firecracker onto another Dark Matter’s claw, lit it, then pushed it into a crowd of about a dozen more. The next second, the firecracker exploded, disintegrating more than half of them. Barkley stormed in with a hammer and finished off the rest. Ferdy remained poised, and took out one Dark Matter at a time, but it happened so quickly it was hard to keep count of how many he took out.


As Tetch fought, he felt his shoulders relax a little. The crew was fine, more than fine. He was the one having issues, passing out and missing the battles. No more of that. He needed to make up for it.


"Anemsis!" Ferdy shouted towards her. She was twirling her spear around fending off Dark Matter towards the bow of the ship. She had come down hoping to help out with the massive amounts of monsters on deck.


"Aye Captain!" She replied as she slid her spear through one more Dark Matter.


"Get back in the Crow’s Nest! I need some eyes on the ship’s surroundings!" The captain ordered.


"You got it, Captain." She replied. She bolted up the mast and was back in the nest.


Within seconds, she was already warning the crew of more danger.


"Beasts incoming! I see three but more are sure to come!"


Tetch had migrated to fighting back to back with Ferdy, and he heard the Captain curse under his breath.


“We got this,” Tetch tried to reassure him.


Ferdy took a second to realize who was behind him. “Tetch? What are you doing out here already? You need rest.”


“Nah.” Tetch side-stepped a charging Dark Matter, parried a downward claw swing from another with two swords in front of Ferdy, threw another sword at one about to claw an unsuspecting Jarbis in the back ten feet away, and used his toes to grasp a fourth sword and plunge it through another monster all in one motion.


"Now you’re just showing off," Ferdy grunted as he lunged his sword through a creature’s forehead. “But, please tell me, how are you feeling?”


“Hang on.” Tetch was in a handstand with his legs wrapped around a Dark Matter. He used all the momentum he had and catapulted the monster at a charging Beast as he back flipped back up to his feet. He grunted at the annoying pinch in his side, but was fine. The Dark Matter slammed into the Beast and the two creatures stumbled backwards, buying Tetch some time before they charged again.


“Just tired. But, aren’t we all?” Tetch tightened his bandana, straightened out his shirt, and gathered his three swords as Jarbis shouted thanks and threw back his fourth sword.

Ferdy turned towards him. His eyebrows furrowed. “Tetch, he’s close.”


“What in Davy Jones--” Tetch started to respond but was interrupted by the Dark Matter coming back for more. He slid a sword through its gut. He looked back to Ferdy with a confused look.


“Who is--”


Tetch was interrupted again by the Beast charging now. Without much thought, he took all four of his swords and jabbed them into its gut. It wasn’t a clean cut like Tetch usually went for, and Beast slime splattered his shirt. He didn’t have the brain capacity at the moment to worry about the consequences of that action. The Beast let out a loud wail and flopped to the floorboards. As he pulled out his swords, Ferdy grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him to look directly at his face so he was the only one that could hear his voice. Jengo was now fending off Dark Matter nearby. It took Tetch a second to realize the both of them were working together to protect him. Why? He was supposed to be protecting them. Tetch didn’t like it.



“No. . .” Ferdy said as he realized what the sound was. The expression on his face grew worse.


Tetch took in a shaky breath. Thunder.


“It’s okay, Ferdy. We got through it last time. We can do it again.” He wasn’t sure if he was trying to reassure himself or Ferdy.


“Listen to me,” Ferdy said as he fished something out he had tucked in the back of his belt. He pulled out a simple arrow painted black, and handed it to Tetch.


Tetch gave it a quick glance, and caught his breath when he found the point to be in the shape of a star. “This is the arrow that hit me. . .”


“You can trust her.” Ferdy told him.

“What do you mean?” Tetch looked up from the arrow, but was blinded by a flash of light.




The lightning crackled across the low clouds directly over the Sabiduría. Tetch felt a weird tingle in the air, and it smelled like ozone.


“Aether sent somebody here. Don’t tell them who you are! Buy us some time!” Ferdy gave one last command before bolting into the swarms of Dark Matter.


“Ferdy. . .” Tetch started after him but had to quickly unsheath a sword from his back to parry a claw. He hadn’t noticed how much the Dark Matter had clogged the deck, now. Jengo was still trying to keep them at bay from Tetch, but it was getting hard.


“Jengo. . . What’s going on?” Tetch asked.


Upanga kidogo, stay strong. It’s too late to back out now. Do as Ferdy told you. Aether may have sent someone here, but we have more help too.” Jengo tried to smile and give him a wink before disappearing in the fray again.


Tetch tried to focus and steady his breathing, but his head was on overload. What did they mean? He tried to put a little more focus back in the fight when Renore creeped out from behind a barrel and flanked a Dark Matter a few feet behind Tetch. Tetch realized it could’ve gotten the jump on him if it wasn’t for Renore. She stabbed it square in the back, and he took it as initiative to try and snap out of it. The two of them migrated to be back to back when another flash of lightning actually struck a cannon just a foot away from the two of them. Tetch was blinded by the light but rolled away out of instinct. Renore, on the other hand, was flung back from the force of it. She hit the floorboards and her two daggers skittered across the deck. Dark Matter nearby instantly disintegrated, and some wailed in agony. The light was too much.


“Renore!” Tetch started towards her once his vision started to clear.


“Wait! It’s going for you!” She put out a hand to signal him to stop from coming closer. “I’m okay, just watch it--”


Another small bolt of lightning hit the tip of one of Tetch’s blades. He felt an uncomfortable jolt through his arm and he immediately dropped his swords. He shook uncontrollably for a second, and before he could gather his bearings, a third strike of lightning hit the ground in front of him. He felt himself get pushed back by an invisible force and slammed he onto his back.


He groaned and squirmed, his busted rib cage did not like the impact. Eventually he propped himself up on his elbow. Where the third strike hit, the planks of the ship smoldered and tiny flames danced across the boards, smoke billowing up into the air. Spots danced across his vision, and he squinted. There was somebody standing in the smoke, right on top of the scorch mark on deck.


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