Matsuke's Assault

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A battletech short story about the Leopard Planetary Alliance.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



Matsuke glanced at the ammo readouts on his TW2L "lpa madcat" and sighed. The sight was no better than his damage readout which showed that the mech was barely holding together.

Focusing on the terrain around him Matsuke brought the mech up to a slow walk and crested the ridge. Leaving just the mechs shoulders, cockpit, and LRM20 systems exposed, he took in the battle in front of him. LPA mechs had pushed back the innersphere forces to an abandoned warehouse complex but had sustained heavy damage. Matsuke could see the burning wreckage of a fallen comrade a few hundred yards away. Pushing it from his mind he looked at the warehouse complex the remnants of his wing had been tasked to take while the other LPA forces regrouped. Pushing up the pace, he commed to his wing members.

"Barker, push up to the ridge and wait for my mark. Yuki get us a view of the compound." "Roger WC, what is the mark?" Came the reply from Operator Barker as Matsuke saw his Behemoth Mech lumber up to its top speed. "Follow in my first barrage." Matsuke didn't wait for a reply before returning his attention to the task ahead. Getting up to top speed he scrambled forward through the light woodland and moments later additional data started to appear in his HUD. Yuki must be doing her job he thought, she was an odd one. Never saying much, even off duty, however she always had a talent for piloting light mechs and recon duties that more than made-up for any peculiarities she might have.

Drawing up his targeting computer Matsuke launched a barrage from both of his LRM20s at the largest building. He put one more down on the centre of the compound and then moved forwards. He could see Barker moving up slowly to his right, firing his lasers into the compound. Ahead three large shapes started to emerge from the smoking wreckage of the building, Saving the last salvo of missiles Matsuke brought his mech round to face the new threat to be greeted by the sight of Inner-sphere assault mechs. Focusing on the lead mech he gunned the throttle and pulled the trigger for his autocannons, the large rounds slamming into the leg of the lead mech ripping a hole in the it's armour and causing it to collapse forward slamming into the rubble beneath it. Grinning he trained his guns on the second mech, laser fire boring into the armour of his madcat and the surrounding forest. Ignoring the yellow and amber warning lights glittering around his cockpit, he pulled the ball trigger again his rounds punching into the cockpit of the second enemy. He watched it crumple. It's headless form almost a parody of the life he had just taken.

Snapping back to reality Matsuke looked around. Barker was close to the compound now, the Behemoth missing an arm and a distinct limp as it walked but still locked in combat with an unseen opponent. Yuki was emerging from the forest firing upon an armoured group that was attempting to flank him. He looked forward as the standing mech fired. He twisted the controls as he braced for the impact as the mech was struck by a barrage of missiles causing alarms and red warming lights to surge around the cockpit. He didn't need to look at the damage readout to tell his gyro had taken heavy damage as he suddenly fought to just stay on his feet. Easing off the throttle he struggled with his controls staying on his feet long enough to release the last of his missiles. He watched them impact, blowing apart both of the assault mechs in front of him, as the view slowly tilted. He let go of the controls knowing that he was going over. The ground coming towards the cockpit was the last thing he saw.

A stark white plane hung in front of his view when he was regained consciousness. A light fitting emerged from the dazzling blur, swiftly followed by panel lines. Blinking and stretching Matsuke looked around the familiar sight of a Military hospital. The clean white environment a welcome sight compared to the battlefield he last remembered . Presently a dull pain in the side of his chest drew his attention to the bandage there. A familiar voice caught his attention. "Just a scratch WC. The medics say that you will be fit to serve in a couple of days." Barker commented happily as he threw himself in a chair. He continued, "A piece of windscreen got you, it shattered when you fell. Caught a small concussion too." "Ugh, no wonder I feel so rough. How are the mechs?" Replied Matsuke, wondering if he was due any more pain killers. "Will be up on their feet before you are." Laughed Barker.

Just then he noticed Yuki lurking by the curtain catching his eyes on her she gave him a weak smile and a slight bow. "Wing commander, glad that you are OK." Yuki spoke quickly and quietly, Matsuke was touched. You rarely got a whole sentence from her, she must have been worried. "Thank you, I have had worse." He responded kindly, trying to swing his feet over the edge of the bed. The sudden pain stopped him and he decided that he was better off laying down. Barker spoke up again sitting upright as he did so. "Team Leader Yuki saved your life , went toe to toe with two heavies as the recovery team pulled your butt out of there. Stood up to them for three and a half minutes and managed to wreck on of them. After that she rallied the remaining forces and routed those bastards. Now you get some rest and we'll see you in the operators mess later when you get discharged."

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