They Missed The Party But Not The Fun

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This four stanza etheree poem is about two female friends making their own fun while waiting for their male escort to get ready for a party.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018





at Jack and

Susan's place to

see if they were just

about ready to go

to the party only to

have Susan answer the door with

only a towel wrapped around her

naked body and fix Pam a cool drink.



it was

just after

she handed Pam

that drink that Susan

had started to tell Pam

about the hot and steamy

affair Susan had with Pam at

the one getaway spot known to all

New Yorkers as the Hamptons since day one.



was just

before Pam

allowed Susan

to sit next to her

and start to kiss and touch

her all over before they

heard a male voice say, "May I join

in?", and saw Jack naked and dripping

wet before Susan smiled and said, "Why not?"




three or four

hours later, Pam

woke up and saw that

she was still naked on

the floor and with her two good

friends still asleep next to her just

before she looked at her watch and saw

that they missed the party but not the fun.

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