What Happened to This Bully part 1

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A typical school bully is defeated by an unlikely hero.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018




Common, but not too common, a new boy from the other DAV had started to attend this school. There were 2 DAV schools in the area, one where most of the kids were very good academically and virtually never had any physical confrontations with each other. These kids from the first DAV were jokingly called ‘flower kids’ by the kids of the second DAV. Most of the kids in the second DAV would fight, hardcore brawl, over any kind of irritation or disagreement. The kids of the second DAV were seriously tough, but despite this, most of them weren’t bullies, needless to say, there were exceptions.

I know this was bound to happen at some point or the other, it probably happened many times, but a kid from the studious flower kids DAV transferred to the fighting over everything, tough guys delinquent house DAV. This kid was no nerd, if he was he could easily avoid bullying and physical confrontations by the fact that all the short-tempered people relied on nerds to let them cheat on tests, and all the nerds helped each other out. This guy, as hard as he tried, was still an average student in most subjects, and thus, one guy took advantage of this and made fun of him, which quickly escalated to all out bullying.

There were six factions of students in fight house DAV, and as far as I know, the one my roommate Kirti was in, they didn’t like bullies, so they made their plan. The bully would have to be defeated. Simply losing a fight wouldn’t be enough, this bully lost most of the fights he partook in anyway, he would have to be shocked, so shocked that he would never harass the flower kid again, and preferably fight for greater causes than bullying.

The plan was formed, the bully would lose the fight right when a lot of people were watching, and he would be beaten in a way that would make him look totally helpless, by none other than the weakest kid in the entire school, who happened to be a member of Kirti’s faction. Getting to the bully’s class would be easy enough, the chaos between classes was so high that no one would notice or care about a scrawny kid walking over to the class next to his, but the method of defeating the bully, that was all up to the skinny kid to decide. In fact, the faction agreed to hand over the whole case to the skinny boy.

The skinny boy decided, it was 3 days until he felt that the time was just right, he walked past the bully’s class, he was there, just sitting on his desk, not talking to anyone, maybe he was drawing in his notebook, it was hard to see from the doorway, but as he entered the class, he saw he wasn’t doing that either, the chaos of a free period gave him great cover, he easily walked up to a place right behind the bully, and when he happened to be bending down to his water bottle, he pounced on him and punched him on the back of his head with all his might. Before he could recover, he hit him again, on the temple, then the crown, neck, ear, nose landing successive punches as hard and fast as he could on every part of the bully’s head as he held on to him, the bully had no time to recover, was unprepared for the ferociousness of the weaklings attacks, and after being struck on the head a multitude of times on the head in front of his own class, he gave up. Lost was a grave understatement, he was defeated.



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