When Lies Dies

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Dr.charles having seen his whole world ripped apart from under him because of truth untold has finally discovered the drug that makes d brain unable to interprit false emotion or give out wrong
information.. hence there can be no more lies in the world. but his discovery is met with high profile objections including those from the presidency and within the vetican but holding back his
discovering is a decision that only he can make.should he forgive d woman who drove him off towards this creation and leave the world as it is or market the drug that is sure to shake humanity to
its very core........ a delibrate write up design to captivate nd tickle ur fancy to the very end

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

Mum looked at me with stern eyes. There were sulky, the sternness eyes I have ever seen. Her brow was deep set, making her chin pop out l... Read Chapter