House of mysteries

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Mitch Jackson while traveling to a meeting in London, pulls of the motorway for fuel. breaking down ans seeing a stranger waving from a house nearby. Mitch goes for help and finds a house which
does not work by the same rules as the normal world.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



5th March 2018

On a dark stormy night on the 5th March 2018, Mitch Jackson was travelling a small country road on the way to a meeting for his firm; this meeting is worth at least thirty thousand pounds to his company. However it was worth a two thousand pound upwards to him in way of company bonus.

Travelling from Manchester and driving his Ford Mustang down the M6 motorway then onto the M40 towards London, with the storm getting worse by the mile. Just short of eighty mile from London near Banbury where the storm was torrential, Mitch had very little fuel left by this point and was looking for a fuel station. After turning off of the motorway and driving a further nine miles on back road's in order to find a fuel station Mitch’s car stalls from lack of fuel.

When his car stalls he gets out his mobile phone to call his breakdown service, but his phone shows no signal, he starts to look around from inside the car at this point Mitch sees a track off the side of the road, deciding there was no reason to stay in the car and he should walk up the track to find a signal. When setting off up the track he looks back momentarily looking back towards his car, then setting off again. Eventually finding a signal, Mitch's call connects:-


My car has broken down and need a breakdown truck to come and sort out my car.

Ok sir we will have some………………

Hello? Are you still there?

Part way through the conversation there was an almighty crack of thunder and the line cut and crackles and suddenly stated in a raspy voice, “One enters and one leaves”

He checks his phone and sees the call has cancelled and now his phone has no signal again, at this he curses the bad weather.

Half way up the track at the point his phone cut out Mitch starts looking around again and sees a figure waving at him near the peak of a hill with what seemed to be a large house outlined beyond, naturally Mitch waves back and decides to walk to the person waving at him in order to ask information on the area and for use of a telephone.

It takes Mitch twenty minutes to walk up the rest of the track to get to where he saw an individual waving at him. This track weaved through fields and he was fighting the elements, driving wind and rain as well as the periodic crack of thunder and flash of lightning.

Once at the crest of the hill there was no sign of the person who waved or the large house. There was however a set of double fronted doors from what he believed would be found on a stately mansion, however there was no building attached, as he could walk in a full circle around them. Mitch even went to touch them gently as he figured they would fall if strength was used, however these doors were firmly held in place.

At the point he was studying the doors, completely forgetting the torrential weather for a few moments, there was a sudden urge which came across him to open the door. As his hand moved towards the handle the urge was getting stronger and the voice returned, one enters and one leaves! He faltered for a second then clasped the door handle.

Upon clasping the handle he suddenly sees a flash of bright light causing him to blink and after reopening his eyes finds himself in a giant entrance hall with a centre staircase, which split to the two sides of the hall at a landing half way up then further stairs leading to the upper landing along the back wall and down the both sides of the room. Two double doors on the rear wall under the second floor landing separated by the staircase and the main front door (now behind him). Mitch observed the second floor landing on which four single ornate wooden carved doors could be seen, two of which resided on the rear wall and two about half way along the side walls, one door per side.

Having entered the main vestibule Mitch looked for signs of life as well as saying “Hello is anyone home” loudly enough for it to echo in the large room. Looking around the hall from the left hand side of the main entrance was a round wooden mahogany table with cast brass lion head on each of the four feet, on the table stood a gold rotary telephone with the phone receiver sitting atop a counter lever attached to it. Next to the phone stood a silver candle holder in which 3 half used candles stood. Going further around the room to the left was a mahogany display cabinet in which stood a collection of glass animals, ranging from swans, cats and dogs to alligators and many more. By the side of the stairs from the door a rug which ran for two meters and stopped just short of the stairs. Upon the split level of the stairs stood a grandiose Grandfather clock, studying the clock from a distance Mitch noticed the mechanisms and numbers were running anti clockwise rather than clockwise.

“Must be broken he thought to himself”

On the other side of the stairs ran another identical rug to the second doorway. After the door upon the right hand wall was an old painting taking up half of the wall, upon the painting was an old mansion in a big garden surrounded by sculptured bushes and an ornate single cast iron gate outside the front of the house. Outside this perimeter were fields within which were animals, sheep and cows mostly but also a stables and paddock in which horses were tied. Underneath this painting was another two display cabinets which were viewed by looking in the top, these cabinets had a range of weapons from swords to flintlock muskets and pistols. On the left side of the wall was a large stone archway through which he could see a big dining table and eight chairs, as well as stone coulombs between the lead lined windows bearing a family crest?

After seeing nobody in was in the main entrance Mitch decided to look into the door on the left side of the stairwell upon opening the door he sees a flash of light and covers his eyes, upon uncovering them he finds himself in a large kitchen with an old Aga stove against the wall. Near this was a big flat work surface made from marble set upon stone built shelves and cupboards with carved wooden doors on which was a family crest, Mitch felt drawn to this crest and thought he had seen it before but did not know why. This room also had a pantry off to the side which looked at first glance fully stocked with food. Walking towards the island work surface he noticed the back door and tried it to see if anyone was out back. Trying the door having pushed the handle which would not move, meaning either the door was locked or handle was broken. Looking about the room some more he saw all the normal kitchen equipment you might expect if somewhat dated being mostly things found in the nineteen twenties or thirties. Seeing no other door in the room he went back to the door to the entrance hall and manoeuvred the handle upon doing so he sees the same flash of light as before once again covering his eyes, upon uncovering his eyes he looks for the stairwell.

Not seeing the staircase to his left but instead seeing a small toilet and wash room decorated in a Red wallpaper with golden wreaths embossed upon it and terracotta tiles on the floor, the toilet and sink were of a Duravit models and had gold coloured taps with ivory tops for the hot and cold.

“What is going on here that door came from the entrance how can I be in a toilet all of a sudden”

Turning and clasping the door handle and seeing another flash of light, this time not covering his eyes as he was becoming acclimatised to the flash. Expecting to end up in the Kitchen he looks around for the main cooking island.

But seeing instead an open plan living and dining room with two huge stone archways at either side through the archway to his right and on the opposite side of the room to him, he could see the entrance hall. Suddenly noticing, no door was near the archway.

Mitch now was beginning to panic a little, his breathing heavy and he was sweating. He thought to himself how can I enter a door which goes from one place to another but then switches to yet another room when I go back through it? It just isn't, no shouldn't be possible.

“I must be dreaming! That's it I fell asleep in my car, it is the only explanation.”

At this thought he pinches himself really hard to wake up, and shouts out in pain and is still in the living and dining room.

Now looking about the room he sees the dining table he saw from the entrance, but also sees a coffee table in the shape of a wooden carved tiger with a glass table surface, this was enclosed by two beige two seat couches. The walls housed various old painting by famous artists such as Van Gough, Michelangelo and Claude Monet. Mitch was not an artist or art lover, but was sure some of the paintings were supposed to be in galleries around the world. The wall to his immediate right and less than three meters away was a stone built fire place which was four meters in width, two meters deep and six meters high, the fire was lit and roaring with a few logs to the side of the fire place.

Due to the fact he had started panicking as well as noticing the room and its contents as he was rushing towards the other archway, and upon stepping into the arch there was another flash of light which caused Mitch to blink and then find himself in the kitchen again and first of all seeing the back door and rushing for it and clasping the handle and trying to force it open, the door handle would not move so he begins to push upon the door with all his strength but the door doesn't move a millimetre.

Now in full blown panic he runs to the door through which he entered and after clasping the handle finds himself in an a bedroom with a four poster bed and mahogany wardrobes and dressing table with an attached mirror. Running to the window he tries the latch which will not move either, then noticing he is somehow on the second floor he looks at the clock in the room and sees that he has been in their for several hours at least, he looked into the mirror while beside the dressing table and hardly recognised himself he appeared seven to ten years older than he should be.

He then turns still breathing heavily and sweating due to shear panic clasps the handle on the door and finds himself after another flash of light on the left side of the entrance hall but this time on the second floor landing. Quickly rushing towards the stairs noticing only the large furniture as he passed which were large empty book shelves and display cabinets. Upon touching the fifth step Mitch find himself in the basement, dark and clammy with no light except for the light given by the moon shining through the windows. Looking briefly about the room from the stair he was stood on he turned and started up them and appears in the study.

Now starting to notice his desperation and having trouble breathing he collapses on all fours inside the doorway and closes his eyes and focuses solely on controlling his breathing, after about two minutes his breathing and pulse rate were nearer to their normal levels. Now looking about the room he noticed the bookshelves on every wall filled with books and files. Then going to the desk in the centre of the room and seeing the calendar and the date said it was 19th December 2025.

“That's not possible I can't of been here seven years, OK whoever is messing with me better stop as this isn't funny.”

There was no answer out of the quiet room, only silence. Mitch clasps his head in his hands trying to resist the temptation to break down completely, upon removing his hands and seeing the date again It now said 5th March 2025, over in the corner of the room was a an old army style cot which was made up.

Mitch walked to the cot and laid on it and closed his eyes and was asleep within moments.

23rd August 2024

Upon waking Mitch went to the desk and looked at the calendar now stating the date as 23rd August 2024. Mitch spends what must be weeks according to the calendar trying to figure out the pattern to the rooms in hopes of escaping this nightmarish house. He found himself in the kitchen and bedrooms more than any other room, and in the study when he was severely depressed or panicked.

“This house seems to give me what I need when I am at my worst, bed if I am tired, kitchen when hungry, however everything else seems so random and with no discernible pattern.”

At present he had found the entrance 8 times, the bedroom 75, living and dining room 12 times, kitchen 87 times, downstairs toilet 35 times, bathroom upstairs 47 times and a greenhouse in the grounds 7 times, this brought him magically to and from the house without going outside. While being in the entrance hall Mitch tried the telephone several time to call the Authorities and the breakdown company, but the line was always dead.

Mitch had been sure that for the last few hours he had been hearing footsteps in the distance, he first noticed it outside the back door in the kitchen, but upon examining outside the door through the glass, because the door would not open and there were no visible keys to unlock it. Sometimes while in the living hall or entrance hall he had heard the phone ringing, only being able to answer it once and hearing the rasped voice saying, one must leave and one must enter.

Now back in the study he checked the date on the calendar which was slowly but surely counting down as the date on it now was 3rd June 2021.

He felt as though he had been stuck in the house for only a few months, but according to the calendar it had been years, but that couldn't possibly be correct as for two issues, the first being how was it possible that time was going backwards and second he seemed to be getting younger as the date got closer to the day he entered the accursed house.

In the past few years of being stuck there Mitch had found multiple other rooms but only a few times, these rooms were a second bedroom and a loft observatory complete with an old brass telescope and star charts. Mitch had used the telescope on the odd occasion he found this room and was able to now recognise a few constellations and planetary bodies.

Having been in complete solitude for the amount of time he had Mitch was now on the verge of a psychotic break, and was talking to people who were not there or at the very least were part of his imagination. This was occurring now more than hearing footsteps and phones ringing. Mitch also had no concept of time left now there was only two times of day which were simply light and dark, and he only knew these times due to the light shining through the windows in most rooms.

24th September 2018

Nearly three more years had passed in the mansion, Mitch now regularly conversed with himself on a variety of subjects from basic colours of the rooms which one voice said were the same colour as always and another said it was completely different colour. By this point after what was apparently years within the house.

He had started to think he was never getting out of here, briefly a memory came to him of a month in the house and finding the relaxation of writing a journal this started with him finding an empty journal as well as full personal journals written by the occupier. Besides this he started reading fiction and nonfiction books, one of which he had always wanted to read was Moby dick by Herman Melville.

By this point however he was becoming more and more erratic and disjointed from reality, meaning talking to himself was the smallest of problems as he was started to wonder about the nature and reason to exist at all. This went on for months living in his own solitary existence and contemplating his life, he was now walking through the entrance lobby after the flash of light which brought him from the upstairs bedroom. Just as he was about to touch the door handle he heard the phone ringing. Having heard this a thousand times and being disappointed he stood and waited, but this time as he looked at the phone it was actually vibrating the handle as it rang. Rushing over to it and picking it up saying hello there was an almighty crack on the line and it went dead again. Now at the window by the side of the door still holding the phone receiver in his hand, Mitch looked out of the window and saw a car on the road. Instinctively and hopeful for help he began to wave after seeing an individual half way up the track to the house, the person waved back politely and started heading for the house.

5th March 2018

Having seen the shadowed and blurred figure come through the gate and head for the door, Mitch went to try the door to open it, still not moving after all this time he began shouting through the door for help, but no reply came. With that head started pulling on the door wildly and at the same point as a Flash of light hits him he hears a familiar raspy voice saying: - One must leave and one must enter.

In a brief moment of consciousness Mitch noticed rain hitting his body followed by the sensation and pain from hitting the ground.

8th March 2018

Mitch awakes in a hospital with a nurse tending to him and checking his vitals. Up on seeing her he says” where am i”

“Horton General Hospital, you were found lying on a road at the side of a field outside Banbury”

“I was trapped in a house, but the layout made no sense and kept changing”

“It's ok I will go and get the doctor, he will want to talk to you.”

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