Taro Moore's Talented Tales

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Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018



I went to the me shop,to buy a long leaping leash for my lovely lion, that lives in tiptoe town on the edge of lasso land, which is on wonky world, in the goofy galaxy, in super space!!!

 The pretty, purple, pencil pounced ferociously on my plain paper, drawing a powerful pig, riding a pony to paris, who would soon be parachuting off the Eiffel Tower.

The laughing lego leaped off the lumpy lounge chair in the lovely livingroom of life.
The sun shines on Jimmy the snail, as he danced to the beautiful bouncy beat of the wonderful whirling wind, coming from the wild west. 

The painted poster rapidly rolled up and raced down Drowsy Dale Road to the finish line, as the cute cat behind him curled up in a beautiful black ball and started bouncing after him, for she also wanted to get to the fabulous finish line first.


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