The Colonies

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A colony of sewer rats are thrust out into the open, and have to survive on their own.

Submitted: May 17, 2018

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Submitted: May 17, 2018





“Quick! Before the humans come!” Suddenly a bright light burst into the sewer. A man with a large bag came in through the hole and  reached for a dark brown rat named Cashew. Cashew froze in terror. Next thing they knew, cashew was in the bag! One by one, they were all tossed in as well!

Squeak!!! Something piercing went through the top layer of Finn’s skin. “He’s got his vaccine!”came a loud booming voice. A man picked up Finn and put him in a giant box.The top closed and then, out of nowhere,  “Finn!” squeaked a familiar voice. It was Huckleberry. The second-command rat had evidently survived the human invasion. He and Finn had been friends since they were pups. “Where’s the rest of the group?” asked Finn. Just then, the top of the box opened and in flew Conrad. One after another, rats from the colony were thrown through the top of the box until everyone was there. Everyone but Cashew...

A different man carried the box to a big black truck. He put the box in the back of the truck and drove away.


“Ding Dong” the man opened the door to the pet shop. He emptied the rats into a huge cage.


10 days later


“I want that one mama! They’re so cute!” whined a little boy.  “No , we didn’t come here to-” “but.” Timmy slouched and turned away. “Oh fine” sighed his mom. We want the lite brown rat please.” “right on” the man reached into the cage and was grabbing Finn when “oh, not that one, the other one” she pointed to Conrad! Conrad bolted for the edge of the cage. The man’s hand came through the top of the cage but before the man could grab Conrad, Finn leaped at his thumb and dug his teeth into it. The manager squeal in pain. His finger was throbbing. It was bleeding in two small, bite size slits. The woman screamed, and rushed over to him. “ Never mind!” wailed the woman. “We don’t want one of the nipp!” The next day, there was a ball shaped hole in the rat cage and all the rats had escaped! At that very moment, Timmy was stuffing a baseball under his pillow when, slash. He cut his palm on a shard of glass, stuck in it.


Finn and the rest of the “Colony” as they now called themselves, were now a quarter mile from there starting place, and a huge green lady with a big torch was in site. She shimmered as the evening sun brushed across her face. The rats looked up at this shining beauty, and thought she might be a good home for a group of tired and deserving rats. The only thing, how?


To Be Continued. Please comment new ideas to me, and I can put them in this book!


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